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Ever since I was little I had feelings and intuitions about certain people and events. I could suspect or imagine what was about to come, when people had futures together, or someone betrayed a friend or partner. As I grew up and started to have my own life experiences I learned to tame and expand this gift, allowing me to sense the future, defined in the destiny of our universe, when concentrated to anyone who asks.


Hi, I'm Dream! I'm an empath & I read tarot cards. My friends come to me for advice. Ask me about your love situation!


I have practiced my psychic ability since I was 10 years old. I can tell many things, but you will have to chat with me to find them out! I mostly just practice being able to help others through there life, love, and relationships. I can also help guide you spiritually.


I hold strong personal connections to the abilities Ed and Lorraine Warren possessed. I have had visions, outer body experiences, and interactions with the spiritual world around us. My area of expertise would be demonic entities, oppressions, possessions and the turmoil that those entites can entice on one life.



I am spiritual advisor psychic love and relationship specialist I have my psychic abilities since I was 10 years old it's been over 20 years I am specialize to see the past present and future Tarot card reading's Crystal ball reading's crystal readings and all love and relationship matters don't waste time call now to know about your love life financial situation and more


I have known from a very young age that I could look into people looking to their souls. Everyone radiates color and music from the inner being. I'm able to connect with my ancestors who can speak with yours to pass along messages even before see things that you can possibly changing your future I've read tarot cards gunhouse cleansings I've even read necromancy cards for the past 5 years


if you are seeking true Advice & direction You have come to the right place! help is just a click away! I've been a psychic for over 10 years now I do not give false hope I speak the truth it may not be what you want to hear but it will be the answers you need for a brighter future, I have in-depth heart to heart connection with you and your guides to help you overcome all Obstacles & Conditions that may be blocking your journey in this life.