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(Currently Not taking any messages) Love energy medicine by channeling a form of energy. Remote viewing Gathering of information at a distance. Clair-voyance Clear seeing. Clair-sentient Clear Knowing. Clair-audience Clear Hearing. Empathy Feeling thoughts and emotions. FIRST one to read names, dates, details, timeframes, thoughts, intentions,feelings. I can see, hear, feel,thoughts, details, and timeframes of yourself/loved ones. Quick, no double talk. Kind, soothing voice


I am an expert in talking with our spirit guides. They are always here...they can lead the way if you listen. Love and relationships is also a speciality of mine.


I have known I was psychic from the age of 7 and I am now 27 years old. So I've had my psychic powers for 20 years. My psychic knowledge of the Pdf and future always tell the truth. I am especially keen on relationships.


I am psychic but try to understand I'm a intuitive psychic it's not about what you see on tv I give in depth readings it's not I'm getting a name like the tv shows you provide some information from that I can gather feelings and emotions and ask you questions and we can help to solve your problem together to get closure to what ever is bothering you


A magician with the mystical skill that can perceive the hidden of nature which control the ebb and flow of life. Skilled in astrology, tarot, spiritual coaching and kabala


I specialize in Tarot readings. I have been offering readings for approximately 20 years. Reading cards is a gift that I believe I was born with.


Hello beautiful people. Well this is me,i had my gift from a very young age just didnt have the guidance i needed to recognise it ,i suppose i was 30 by the time i accepted it and learnt how to filter my thoughts process,my own thoughts from messages. Ive helped many people thats what im here for it brings me great pleasure Im very accurate in my guidance and life skills. Im extremely empathetic and non judgemental. I seem gifted with problems ,dillemas ,emotional and confidence weaknesses.


My Goddess, Luna, bestowed upon me a gift. Through the spiritual communication, that is better know as a reading, I am able to hear the guardian's words of guidance. I first noticed my gift of sight at the age of 5. The gift appeared to me in dream form. As I grew older I began to truly embrace it and listen. I have been in the practice of reading for 6 years now. My whole goal is not to show you what you may want to hear, rather to show you what you need to hear.