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I have had many years helping those near and far to find the answers they need I'll be there anytime I'm needed I'll show what you desire to know


I can help you stop worrying about the future , I am accurate honest .i have been doing tarot's since I was very younge I have a good knowledge of your future . I will help you in your love and family and relationships . I can help you speak to a love one or even just help you answer a question that has made you worried of the path you may take...


For over 20 years I have helped men and women in all areas of life I am a spiritual life coach. I specialize in love and relationships depression career finances. I dedicated my life to helping others there's no question I cannot answer. I specialize in tarot card readings, crystal ball... one reading will convince you



As an avid astrological expert, it's my pleasure to provide insight to others for their own understanding on what to expect for their self and their future. With over 20 years studying the stars, signs and spirituality, it's important for me to give back and provide healing guidance to others.

Personal number 8106


I'm the best when it comes to reality relationship advice! Meaning I tackle the hidden questions and wonders head on. Want to know your compatible sign? Ask me.


I can help you with anything that you would like all you have to do is just ask me and I'll tell you


At a young age I would hear voices and when I was about 12 we went on vacation to Hawaii and this woman came up to me and my mother and started to cry. My mother ask her what was wrong? The woman looked at me and then took my mothers hands and looked at her in her eyes and says. Mam your child speaks to the sprites and the sprites speak to you daughter. Please keep her safe and keep her eyes to her God to lead her on what she should do. As I got older and with my heart I can understand them.

Personal number 8688