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I believe in allowing future to come alive through me to those who are intended to receive. I am a third generation truth teller and empath. Truths flow through me like deja vous as I am delivering light to you. Come seek the truth of what can be yours. Release all tension inside your spirit to allow me to direct you to the light that is yours and only yours.


Find out what the future holds... Why wait, take the plunge and find out does he or she love you? Is he or she cheating? Are you waiting for the door to open for the next chapter in your life or wanting to know how to open that door? Let me show you the way.


What does the future hold for you? Will you meet a new love? End a new love? Start that new adventure in your life? What is the next chapter hold for you? I am Madame Lola and I have been Able to see into the future since I was a young woman in India. Coming to the US with my parents at a young age I learned to channel my energy and through meditation and the energy's of the world I am happy to be able to share my wonderful gift with people. What is in store for your future? Ask Madame Lola!!


Hello there! My name is Callisto and I generally work with tarot and oracle cards, in conjunction with my stones/crystals and my spirit guide Julien (Jules). I tend to also take note of astrological and numerological signs, incorporating them into my readings. I have had abilities since childhood and Julien has been with me from nearly the beginning. His presence helps to guide and ground me throughout my readings. We hope to help you in any way we can and look forward to getting to know you!


I am compassionate and kind as well as being wise in the ways of the world. I will do my best to help you in any aspect of your life. You can come to me with any and all problems or concerns. I will approach you with sensitivity but also with the truth.


Psychic Sage has been specializing in love and relationships, also intuitive readings for over 25 years now. She has been using her abilities to guide people and help them through many areas of life with their best interest in mind. Psychic Sage specializes in love, career, marriage, break ups, divorce and so much more. Her readings are fast, honest, accurate and detailed! Whatever she sees, she will be honest and tell you exactly how she sees it, WITH DETAIL! call today.


I've enjoyed the pleasure of helping others seek answers to questions unanswered. My gift started as a young child and has made for quite the conversational piece at dinner. Sometimes we cannot wait to see what happens, sometimes we need to know now! I will do everything in my power to ease your wondering mind.


If you're looking for answers from someone who genuinely cares, then have a chat with me! I can see things other readers can't, that's why some of my best clients are other psychics. I've been blessed with truesight since I was a small child, and have been a professional advisor for over 10 years. Because I'm a Reiki master, Certified Herbalist, and Certified Homeopath, I have a deep well of knowledge that can help almost anyone. I hope to hear from you soon!