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Extremely empathic, deeply feeling and naturally gifted psychic. I recall being visited by an apparition of an old man in my home at the age of 3. He visited me for several years, as I was only small it never occured to me to be scared. As I was open to the paranormal very early on it gave me a close bond with the spirit world. That tall, dark featured old man, I later discovered is my guardian angel and my spirit guide. His name is William,(Billy) he keeps me safe and helps me speak to spirits

Personal number 1513


Are you seeking clarity on matters of the heart? Do you find yourself asking: Does he/she love me? Is he/she faithful? I'm here to help you, together we will get your questions answered, for I am honest and experienced. Let me guide you and put your mind and soul at ease. I have the power to help you. I know what your partner is thinking right now, do you?

Personal number 8970


Hi and welcome to my page. My name is Amber and I'm a natural psychic/medium. I am very in tune with my ability and I hope that me and you can connect, so that I can help connect with you and your future and speak with your spirit guides and spirit who are with you.

Personal number 0103


I have been in touch with my spiritual side for as long as i remember. I specialize in past present and future tarot, and astrology. Reach out to me to get a steer on your life direction... Love, Career, Family. 2020 brings a new decade - and gives everyone that feeling of fresh start, what does this mean for you? Do you want some reassurance during a difficult time? I can help determine a way forward that works for you! Deva :)

Personal number 7422


Hi my name is Paradise Morgan, I offer truthful compasionate readings that change lives and capture Souls. If you're looking for a life-changing reading you've come to the right place. I want you to know that The master of creation has a message for you today it's about your life and all the wonderful plans he has for it. I offer love and light to you in the most caring way and want you to know that all readings are done by me from my heart. Thank you, Paradise Morgan

Personal number 1877


Personal number 2553


I first saw spirit at 8 yrs old,my gifts are inherited from my grandmother. The readings I give to you are by connecting to your energies and by source.I may use my Tarot/oracle cards or Pendulum.I'm a Paranormal Investigator and a Crisis Counsellor.If your'e in crisis,i'll help you to understand by giving you a different perspective intuitively with healing.If you need to find ways of how to heal I can help you.I'm empathic,care greatly and have a wealth of life's ups and downs.

Personal number 9424


Hello my name is Blaise & I have been reading Tarot for several years. After starting off with the Tarot, I soon realized that I was going much deeper into the readings, giving people more information on a psychic level. I know in these hard times we are all looking for answers about work, relationships & money. If I can advise you with any of those matters or something else you need to know then I would love to hear from you. Let's share a coffee & chat. Book me for a more indepth reading. :)

Personal number 2463