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I am a natural born psychic what an amazing gift that can heal the energy I can help you with Bad negativity I've been sharing my psychic and Healing abilities To help other people I am thankful that I have the opportunity to help others my goals are after a reading is for you to have clarity love happiness and is satisfied soul For a connection with me

Personal number 2039


Hi, I'm Tara! My life goal is to help people, and I cannot wait to use my gift to be able to help you.

Personal number 4508


Welcome to my page, Bri2Spiritual, where u can never be too spiritual! I'm a highly intuitive tarot card reader and I grasp my messages from given sources such as my spirit guides and energies around me. I gather the best, most highly accurate messages for you that you didn't know you needed to hear. *LOVE&RELATIONSHIP*: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SPIRIT WILL GIVE ME MESSAGES ABOUT UR PERSON THAT U MAY NOT WANT TO HEAR, SO STAY TUNED FOR THE REAL TRUTH. LOVE&LIGHT<3

Personal number 3649


My name is Kayla (Ren) and I'm an empath and clairsentient intuitive reader. Feel free to come to me for relationship advice, for guidance, and reflection. I only channel what is already within yourself. You just need assistance tapping into it! Please bare with me as I'm fairly new to online chat services!

Personal number 1553


Hi, I am a Pisces and I am a tarot reader. I love to help people and I am a great listener and I am 21.

Personal number 7170


20 Years of experience 99.9% accuracy regarding all matters of life, Able to see into the past present or future with accurate dates times etc. all readings are personal and confidential let my honesty and accuracy guide you on the right path

Personal number 4202


I was depressed and locked up in a mental home and after 10minutes with a spiritual healer lady I was lying on the floor literally crying with laughter. There is nothing better than a spirit uplifting your spirits and making you feel that joy and getting out of that dark place you never thought you would leave. So come enter into my spiritual realm and discover how to create your own world of joy and light and learn to bring others not only into your realm but teach them how to make their own

Personal number 1576


I have much experience in tarot reading, angel cards, I'm here to help you achieve your goals and be the person you always dreamed to be!

Personal number 6558