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I am gifted by intense wisdom, foresight, understanding and great empathy. I have visions that have led my family, my friends and strangers around the world to a stronger understanding of their purpose, their higher powers purpose and reveal to people themselves. I do this without judgment and send a calming abundant force to you or anyone in need. I realized this gift through great tragedy and delightful triumph. Let me warm your soul, bless you give you support. life is love. Love is life

Personal number 0426


I can't remember a time in my life that I was not in total alignment with every form of consciousness. I have helped family members, colleagues, and friends with healing, relationship advice, warning signs, & prediction. Now, it's your turn. I am here for you.

Personal number 5099


I am a 7th gen. Natural born psychic reader and spiritualist. I specialize in describing one's soul mate, revealing someone's true intentions, love guidance, life path and spiritual guiding. I have helped and guided many people over the last 13 years and have dedicated my life to my psychic gift, I am here to answer any questions you may have have and insure you follow the life path destined for you. May love and light always guide your way. Tian.

Personal number 9215


I would describle myself as more of a a counselor. I am here to listen to anything you need to talk about. Through my experiences in life and the people around me, i am able to give great advice and put a smile on your face... or whatever you may need.

Personal number 2681


I've been doing readings for the past ten years now, but I've had this gift since I was a child. I trust my spirit guides to deliver me messages from loved ones that have passed. My guides also give me information so that my client can make decisions about love and relationships.

Personal number


Hi, I was known to practice Tarot from a little girl, and I am a Libran known to be very fair and very honest; It is also a hidden talent that i am psychic predicting the future even of total strangers. Because of this gift, i can also heal, guide the spirits towards your hearts desires and cast spells against your enemies. I can guarantee the return of a lost love and help channel messages from the dearly departed. I may also read horoscopes and your Angel cards. Bless you.

Personal number 7646


WorldBridger3- Reader, Lightworker and Healer. I am here to shed light in the darkness. I have a strong calling to the zodiac, the stars, moon and planetary alignments. Let me give you daily readings to prepare you for what comes and give you answers and assurance you are on the right path. I specialise in astrology, moon phases, numerology and ancient texts to compile my readings. I have recently embraced Mayan, Kemetic, Palmistry and alchemy teachings.

Personal number 8486


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Personal number 3797