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I have been sensitive my entire life but have been actively practicing S a psychic reader for 25 years. I specialize in love and relationships but am also clairvoyant which is how I initially found my special gift. My customers have referred to me as being truly gifted and unparalleled to any reader they have ever spoken to. 95% of my customers are long time customers who I see weekly. I enjoy helping them see into the future during times they are not sure they will overcome.

Personal number 0985


I am your intuitive tarot reader,  my name is The Healing Tarot and I can't wait to deliver your in-depth reading to give you insights so you can feel empowered to make decisions that align with your highest wisdom.  I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity as confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. My reading are friendly pragmatic, and are also delivered from a place of high energy, compassion & non-judgement.

Personal number 5885


i became interested in astrology when it seemed to answer many of the questions that i couldn't answer. This interest has grown from a pastime to a passion i read more charts and started to see the magic with my own eyes. My dream is to spread astrology to as many people as possible to help them innerstand themselves and take control over their lives. I also specialize in tarot ,for love, career, money, relationships, dating, life questions, direction/guidance, weekly readings.

Personal number 0449


Natural earth angel of the incarnated angel type. Empath, healer, clairvoyant, I can guide you, advise you in matters of love and life. Letting me in will allow me to know your true feelings. Through discussion I will connect to you and be able to help you.


I am a 4th generation psychic since 27 years. I have studied the body mind and soul for 12 years . I've helped so many people through my spiritual gifts and connecting with the supernatural I help in all matters of life especially matters of the heart. you owe it to yourself to know what tomorrow holds.


I'm a wonderfully gifted woman with the ability to foresee what's hidden in the dark. I discovered I possessed such a talent when I was a little girl as visions came through my dreams. But however if you want to know more contact me. Am also a very sweet caring person with a great sense of humor and open to any kind of conversations. Let's chat


Im oracledice, to relieve you of all worries and doubts im hear to give u professional advice and enhanced intuition answers to unanswered questions. Ive been doing this for 2+ years . I offer card readings , pendulum readings , and dream interpretation. Im looking forward to hearing from you. blessed be


I am able to read auras off people and get a sense of who they are as a person and what hinders them from achieving their goals in life. I am able to help them reach who they are meant to be in life by learning a bit about them beforehand.

Personal number 7630