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I am a psychic who has been reading tarot cards for more than 5 years and I have been studying and applying astrology for the past 3 years. I have been in touch with my intuition and psychic clairaudient gifts since I was a very young woman, around 5 years. I specialize in love and relationship tarot readings, angel readings, and life purpose readings.

Personal number 0683


I am a truth-seeker, who reads tarot, oracle and angel cards. My guides and angels help me as I deliver the answers that you are seeking. I am an empath and a healer. I feel what you are feeling, emotionally and physically. If you have a specific question be sure to ask it or I will do a general reading to see what the cards want to tell me. Love and Light, PurpleReign

Personal number 2352


Greetings! My name is ELTONIO. I am a highly developed clairvoyant and card reader. I developed my clairvoyance abilities by using a black mirror similar to the one on my profile. A black mirror is a very powerful metaphysical tool when used by an adept master. The mirror can pierce the veil of physical reality to access other realms. I now use the lunar energy and magnetic properties of the mirror to apply to my cardreading. I will give you a clear precise reading about anything!

Personal number 8906


I'm a natural born healer and nurturer. I will give you insight of what your future holds, and help you understand your soul purpose. I possess the gift of granting great understanding. I will soothe you, and create a more than peaceful experience when we speak.


Personal number 3907


I am very in tune with myself and the world around me. I have a special connection to everything I come in contact with. I started reading the cards at the age of 6. I began crystal gazing shortly after that. In total I have been practicing for about 33 years.

Personal number 5739


I welcome you with kindness, honesty and understanding. I have no crystal ball but passed-down intuition that runs in my family (mother, great grandmother) that has allowed me to "See" what will happen to friends, family through impressions/feelings. I can tell when people aren't matched right--when it's time to let go, stay or keep looking. Life is too short and precious to be stuck in between "wondering". I will help you make the right decision with patience, love and the impressions I get.


I realized I was able to read people since I was a young woman. I always felt like I knew what everyone was thinking or feeling. I always felt like I knew how to help those in feeling lost. As I got older, I learned to develop those in need of help and those who are looking for answers. I can connect well to those who seek my help.

Personal number 5601