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Hi! My name is Lana, I'm from Scotland! I have been blessed with the gift of psychic abilities, these include Tarot Card Reading,using Crystals, Horoscope and Star Sign Compatability, and many more! If you need spiritual guidance or help with your love life, give me a call for a reading, I also do email/chat readings, I am known to be very accurate and have very fast responses!

Personal number 7424


Hi, my name is Prosha welcome, this is the space where I give H.U.G.s ( Healing, Understand and Opportunities for Growth) I am a spiritual and intuitive reader who relies on my empathic clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant abilities to bring forth messages to my viewers for clarity and peace. I hope to hear from you soon as I hope to give you HUGs

Personal number 3825


Personal number 3942


I am a fun friendly reliable and honest. I have enough psychic experience and connect with people on a deep and respectable level. I am a healer also.

Personal number 6885


Hi, I'm Sophia. I specialise in love and relationships but can help you with any aspect of your life. From a very early age, I have been able to read people quickly and understand how they feel, what they are worried about or hope for. I can pick up what isn't being said and you help understand the bigger picture or why things are happening in a certain way. I use the Tarot cards and spiritual guidance to explain what is currently going on in your life and future as well as giving guidance.

Personal number 4003


I am a natural intuitive and realised this as a child. I can guide you to make the best choices for yourself and live your best life.

Personal number 0019


Hi! I'm Mimi and I am a third generation tarot and intuitive reader. This gift has never left me and I absolutely love being able to utilize it in order to help others. Let me help you put your mind at ease through a reading, nothing is too difficult with the right mind set.

Personal number 0538


I'm a 4th generation intuitive Empath, sensitive and non-judgemntal. I discovered my gift after my grandmothers passing and my mother telling me about our lineage. She instructed me on how to channel my gift through the tarot cards. I have been conducting readings ever since 2008. i specialize in love and relationships of any kind and my aim is to help people to overcome their relationship difficulties, giving them the universes perspective through the tarot.

Personal number 5767