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My abilities are just to tell you about you and you Compatibility signs ..also to tell u what kind of person you are based on your birthday and year .


Hello! First and foremost, I do NOT have experience within fortune telling, but I do provide excellent advice. I am not here to judge and I can almost always relate to you! Im here to listen ❤️


Hello there i am the one and only truth be told. I don't claim to be a psychic or have the abilities to see into the future. I am just a expertise when it comes to love and relationships and will keep it real. I have been thru ups and downs, had some good and bad times. I am willing to share with you my experience and let you make your own decisions when it comes to love and relationships. So with that being said give me a try and you won't be disappointed.



Hi I'm Maize, I am a qualified practitioner dealing with patients mental and emotional difficulties including as an agony aunt. I am caring, kind, easy to talk too and a very good listener. I am here to help you work through your problems towards a solution or answer any questions you may have. I can help with many different areas from teenage issues, careers, marriage and more. I specialise in love and relationships. There's always a solution to your problem. I'm here to help you find it.


I'm a highly sensitive, extremely perceptive girl. I connect with people at a deep level. I'm an empath....talk to me to find out more.


Iam A Believer And I Have A lot Of Bad Or Good Dreams I Also Have DeJeVu Iam Into Spirits And Seeing Them If I Knew Them


I started readings about 10 years ago when I realised I could make a difference in people's lives. I saw and felt many things as a child and somehow felt different to other people, knowing when love ones would pass and felt the smallest of changes with impact in my life. As a reader I try and give you answers to your problems we all have free will to choose which path way we want, I will help with your decisions and help put you on a new pathway, opening new doorways and bringing joy back.