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I am calming, compassionate and inspirational tarot and psychic reader. I am practicing for over 10 years, also being from a very spiritual family. I will not judge you and you can feel relaxed and reassured with my guidance and insight. I am here to guide you through most situations in your love life, relationships, career and family issues. I can offer you a quick one card reading or a wide range of in depth readings depending on a problem you are facing at the moment.


The instinct is in my family and has been passed down for generations. I work well with clients that I've established a professional business relationship with. I've had my abilities since I can remember and have traveled the world sharing my knowledge. Just through the phone I can sense the energy of a person.


Hello my name is ambrielle, I am 21 years old and I have always been very spiritually connected in different ways. I'm looking forward to help people with what I do and answer any questions .


My name is Indie and I specialise in love and relationships. Whether you are having troubles with romantic relationships, personal relations or your relationships with yourself I am here to help with all needs. I focus a lot of energy and sexual energy and I like to work at a pace that works for the client. The foundation for me is building a relationship with another individual to then be able to work together.


Descended from four generations of psychics, I learned how to develop my tarot reading skills and intuitive empathy at my mother's knee. I thank God every day that I can use my gift to help people who may be suffering or simply provide guidance and insight to the big questions we all have in our lives.


I'm am very caring and will always help someone if they need it. I am very easy to talk to and friendly! Don't be shy with me :) xxx


I've been sensitive to the stranger things in our world since I was a little girl. The shadows speak, and in the dark, voices whisper. The light is not always warm, and the things that go bump in the night are not always to be feared. Come to me with your dreams, your dread and your needs and I will guide you to your path.


I have been able to read the future since I was 16 I can tell the future events of a person and their past. I also can see if anything affecting them and who it is. I have helped many people over the years with my abilities and want to help as many as I can so if your are struggling in life then give me a call or text I will help you.