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I started readings about 10 years ago when I realised I could make a difference in people's lives. I saw and felt many things as a child and somehow felt different to other people, knowing when love ones would pass and felt the smallest of changes with impact in my life. As a reader I try and give you answers to your problems we all have free will to choose which path way we want, I will help with your decisions and help put you on a new pathway, opening new doorways and bringing joy back.


I've been intuitive all my life. I also have empathic abilities. I started reading tarot cards for myself about 2 years ago and I'd now like to share my gifts with others.


I've been practicing my gift and healing people for almost 10 years. There is no problem too big or small for me to analyze and advise you regarding your next steps in life. Discovered my gift after I was given my first set of tarot cards. I've been doing readings for friends, family and coworkers. Many see me as an useful person to confide in when it comes to life struggles and hard decisions that they have to come.


My name is Ellie Im gifted with all Clair's ima shaman a healer my specialty are spiritual cleansings iv even come to do exorcisms once in a while I'm 24 years young but I was born and raised on a very spiritual path im a proud gifted woman of God and I'm here to help all and advice anyone that is looking for awnsers



I am very earthy. I love connecting with nature in every way possible. Nature is that basis of everything pure and in order to have clear readings your soul and mind must be pure.



I can reconnect you with loved ones from long ago. As well as tell you your tire loves name, when you shall meet and so on.