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Hello! I have been given a gift that I take very seriously and would like to use to help others. I believe that Astrology is an ancient tool that can be used to help people struggling in the modern world. I can use information about your birthdate, zodiac sign, and where the stars were aligned in the sky when you born to help answer questions and help you make life-altering decisions.


I can guide you in a peaceful enjoyable state of mind I have a gift of influencing people in the right direction spiritually


I can read people like a book and I'm always right! But one main special ability I have is that when I dream my dreams come true!


I was born into a family that embraced their psychic abilities. I fully embraced my intuitive abilities in my middle 20's and found that I was passionate about people being healthy, peaceful, happy, and having a purpose driven life. I work in the areas of love, relationship, and spiritual healing by connecting with spirit guides, angels, and heavenly beings to bring about healing, deliverance, restoration, and empowerment.


Caring, friendly, good listener, easy to talk to, intuitive, healer, empathetic, good sense of humour, non judgemental. I specialize in love readings.


I have been practicing my psychic abilities for 14 years. I have been doing so for my friends and classmates throughout my time college. I discovered I had these abilities when I was about 8 years old but didn't understand how to use them until early teenage years.


Hello there! Im Janie / rosalie I have been a psychic since I was a young child I learned I could talk and hear from the dead as I grew older my powers developed more I have helped many of my friends with closer.


I am here to aid you to understand your personal journey more clearly. I will give you insight about your future by informing you about how to alter or maintain things and situations in your life. After asking you a few personal questions, I am then able to connect and provide wisdom about your current life.