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I am a naturally born psychic I provide accurate detailed readings In all areas of Life I'm spiritually blessed with the gift of helping people to achieve their dreams their goals And getting them through all personal problems and issues I have over 17 years of experience of helping people achieve All their goals in life I specialize in love and relationships My spiritual guides enhance my abilities to look specifically into Love career future and much more

Personal number 4684


I specialize in love and decision making. I dabble a little in cards. The females in my family have a long line of psychics. My grandmother and aunt at the ones who helped me make sense of my "gut feelings" I thought I was crazy but once they found out they helped me get in tune with it and here I am. However I do not communicate with the dead or can tell you if someone will live or die. My strength revolves around you and your desires because I'm able to get an emotional connection once I hear

Personal number 5862


I've always known I had...a 6th sense to say the least. Be it a call in the kddke of the night at just the right time to a loved one in need to the 'feelings' that protected my newborn infant & I from an intruder. My mother raised me to be aware of it and I've learned to tune it over the years. In a sense, I've alway been a 'practicing' psychic yet I've only worked professionally for about 5 years now. I enjoy bringing people any peace of mind I am able to.

Personal number 3591


Greetings my loves, as you naturally born spiritual being a Pisces, I have always been in direct connection with Beloved. I am an empath and I use tarot cards and Angel oracle cards along with my intuition to give guidance to those that may need it.

Personal number 5786


From an early age I took an interest in exploring my psychic abilities. I specialise in tarot, rune casting and palm reading. So whether you want to shine a light on your future or to make sense of your past I would love to help you.

Personal number 7666


I am lucky to have a gift to help those who need it most. Apart from everything, I will be your friend. I want to listen to you and help you. Contact me.

Personal number 9221


I specialist in love and relationships. I am able to advise, analyse and provide the necessary help needed to those who wish to seek clarity regarding their love lives or their lovers. I am open, honest and straight forward, no nonsense only truth and understanding.

Personal number 4472


I'm not your conventional psychic I have many strings to my bow and I use whatever is needed. I'm truthful too, I cant lie and if its not what you want to hear Sorry I'm a seer, healer and I do hear things too, and channel at times I sometimes use cards, crystals play a part too, either the stone, or using a pendulum. But the best pendulum is our bodies. My forte is healing both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Personal number 1098