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A tarot reader who uses the cards to guide and enhance her intuitive ability. Working more than five years professionally at parties and reading for friends many more.


From the time I was a little girl I had the ability of dreaming about events that would unbeknownst to me happen shortly after. Visitor's from the past who had passed on would come to me in dreams with messages for their loved ones. As I grew older,I started having experiences of spirits coming to me when their family or loved one's were around. I knew this Because I was able to know things that only the other person would know. Things they said, quotes, or just messages they wanted known.


Well it all started when I was 10 years old picking up on people's energy's every ware I found out I was gifted to reach out help others give advice so since then I have got much stronger and been giving advice ever since in all matters of life love success family friends just general advice just thought the energy of your voice


I've been practicing for 5 years now. I'm a great expert when it comes to relationships and life problems. My greatest value is to make you feel absolutely comfortable while sharing your thoughts and issues with me and It always gives me great pleasure to help others.


HELLO! I'm a 2nd generation psychic. My services are loyal, kind and quick. I've been helping people with my blessing for over 15 years now. My Psychic Abilities Are Spot On. Experience A Reading With A True Psychic I Connect Instantly To All. I Specialize In All Areas Of Life. If you are feeling lost and confused I'll guide you. Look No Further For Psychics Because I'm The One Who Brings Clarity To All.


I am willing to connect with people that have a calling for me. I believe I will find a lot of connections on here. my goal is to personally help every single person that I come across. I will use my guidance reading skills to reach my goal.



Hello my name is luna I've been in the psychic world for over 20 years ..I can connect with the deceased thru photos and conversation..I do not know the future ..but I can read the past and present