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Are you having love and relationship problems? You wondering whether the problem is you ? And you are sick and tired of being lonely and not having someone to talk to or get advice about love, relationships and life from...call me thee Goddess I am here to be that listening ear when no one is listening. I am here to help you heal genuinely, I am your psychic even when you just want to talk about things that make your heart feel heavy. I am here to help you offload.

Personal number 0364


Ive had psychic abilities since I was a young child. I'm very intuitive and I'm also practicing astrology. Our life and life paths are very well written in the stars.

Personal number 0459


I've always known I was psychic ever since a very young age, the more I delved into expressing myself and opening up the more I discovered and the stronger my abilities become. Whether you need life guidance, healing, future readings or tarots I am your girl.

Personal number 9765


Hello, I am advisor William, I am a expert in my field. I have read for many cliants over my years and I enjoy when I am blessed to connect with a soul in need. I have been a advisor for 25 years, I I specialize in love, career, and life paths. I am a friendly, but very straight forward and honest reader, I am waiting to help guide you threw your times of need! Call me today for a brighter tomorrow.


I know firsthand how a reading can be beneficial, and I'm delighted to share the wisdom of the cards with those in need. Through my tarot readings, I aim to deliver a truthful and honest message that can direct you or give you peace of mind. Whether you're feeling unlucky in love, can't decide on an important career path, are lost on how to take the next steps in life, or just want to see what the universe has to say, I'm ready with cards in hand.

Personal number 5499


My name is Batya. I have practiced and been in the psychic field for 17 years now. I started at a young age. I was called into the psychic field at the age of 13. I have been alive for 30 years on earth now. It started with visions at the age of 9. I didn't understand the visions until I got older.

Personal number 1523


Hello there friends I'm here to help you with any questions about your life and problems and concerns. I have been doing readings to help people first the last 12 years. With help from the angels I'm going to make sure your positives continues throughout your life and career.

Personal number 8911


I am a intuitive empath, tarot/oracle card reader, and certified Master level Reiki practitioner. I feel things deep in my soul, and I love to help others. I can give insights to things in your life that you may not see or need to look at to move forward. I am not a healer, but a conduit for energy that can and will aide you in healing yourself. Many Blessings

Personal number 1417