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I have been reading the Rider Waite Tarot for 15 years, specialising in relationships and love. Also have experience in helping with those who are suffering from a broken heart and need guidance on the next steps in life. My abilities are based on experience as well as intuition and instincts.


I can see the future , I can tell you your past without help , I can seek may goals and achievements


I have been a psychic for over 20 years, I don't need to use Angel cards, I can pick up one's vibrations very fast. I'm a expert Astrologer as well.


I know everyone goes through a rough patch in life but it's how you make it through that matters it's the steps you take let me help you on your journey talk to me I'm here for you


I was always able to read love and vibes on people. I also remember seeing ghosts when I was young. It was always my goal to help people to get more in touch with themselves.



At a very young age I discovered this ability. I love being able to help others see their potential and discover their future


I am professional Tarot reader from Europe. I am using my cards - Wicca sensual Tarot, so you can ask about love, relationship, your work or health. Don't worry, your future is in good hands. I also use angel cards of Raphael and heal your problems.