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Ever since I was a young girl, I have been sensitive to the universe. I did not know how to process this or allow myself to fully be open to all the information that would be thrown at me but through practicing with different professionals, I have honed in on my skills and feel confident in my ability to help others with all their life questions.

Personal number 7645


Are you having love and relationship problems? You wondering whether the problem is you ? And you are sick and tired of being lonely and not having someone to talk to or get advice about love, relationships and life from...call me thee Goddess I am here to be that listening ear when no one is listening. I am here to help you heal genuinely, I am your psychic even when you just want to talk about things that make your heart feel heavy. I am here to help you offload.


As an 8th generation gifted at birth clairvoyant I'm proud to say I have devoted my life to helping those in need of my assistance. I have been in my profession for well over 10 years and have mastered the ability to use the vibrations throughout your vocals to connect within your energies to give you one of the most in-depth, personal, and thorough readings you have ever received. Allow me to help you understand the past, relate with the present, and know your future within just one session.


I'm a multi-generational psychic with a combination of inherited Psychic abilities (ranging from horoscope, tarot card reading, meditation, clairvoyance, & even spell casting) Helping to bring the Ancient Wisdom of Psychics into this digital age. As a Love Psychic I know first hand that when dealing with matters of the heart we can all use some guidance & insight. I'll help you through any insecurities, doubts or questions with my Love Predictions & Answers.


I have my own real abilities to tap into these types of realms. As a Aquarius with near geniusness my numerology is 1 as the primal source, hence my name stands out as the kind the skies and thunder. Let's see into your future and begin working your way around life how you should. I meditate, pray, research spells, use binaural beats to enhance my abilities using natural fundamental sources and use mystical math with your zodiac sign, numerology number, Chinese zodiac etc.


tarot reader specializing in love & relationships. The cards never lie so if you get news it could be for now or the future.Let me see what the cards hold for you.


8 years of practice and I love giving the opportunity to change a person's outlook on life I've had very close clients who to this day thank me for the information given and I am be there and help you too

Personal number 7486


Born an Empath, a Seer with Foresight, Taught Divination from childhood, starting with a Willow Branch and the Word to the Stars and Tarot... Able to see the Hidden, Lost, or that which is Beyond the Vail at times. From hidden Disease, or Weaknesses, to Potentials, and Successes... From Lost or Missing Objects to People... Has Located 3 Bodies, 1 Murderer in at least 1 of those Cases. Listed as a Psychic with Unsolved Mysteries in the mid 90's.