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I am a very intelligent, enlightened, and positive individual. I try to see the positive in things and am very empathetic and kind. I am an active listener and have the gift of psychic abilities to help others see into their futures.I provide love an relationship readings, spirit and guide readings, astrology advice and readings as well as mediums. I will help you to look into your future and see what is awaiting you.

Personal number 0940


Gypsy blood, I am very free spirited and spiritual as well as have abilities to foresee the future and interpret dreams, allow me to read your future for only the cards will tell me.

Personal number


Hello and welcome, My name is Jennifer and I am a natural-born gifted psychic with over 10 years of experience. I have the ability to channel into one's energy I can pick up on past, present and future channeling through Love and relationships, family, business and much more I have the answers to all your questions good or bad without sugar coating. I look forward to connecting with you. Light and love, Jennifer

Personal number 3492


I discovered my abilities when I was just a child I was five years old My psychic abilities come from my ancestors it's a Wonderful Gift to help people I've been providing my abilities since 15 years One of my favorite tools to provide a reading is through the Cards and crystal ball Thank you for choosing stars call me now before your future becomes your past have a blessed day

Personal number 0934


HI i invite you yo have a clairoyant experience where i offer psychic readings tarot card readings, companion readings or simply to find out your spiritual color of life . i have successfully guided people through there confusing confusing circles of life such as love or business or simply to find peace within theirselfes i am a natural born psychic i use my ability to forsee and help with guidance for a prosperous and positive future.

Personal number 1689


I have been a psychic/spiritual therapist for over 25 years & I am blessed to have a regular following. I tune into to the psychic energy of the caller & those they want to ask about. We are all energy and this is what I like to tune into. I utilise a number of tools including tarot, angel cards as well as looking at astrology and tapping into my clairvoyant skills. I am a reiki healer, expert in dream analysis, enjoy using crystals, runes and numerology for an overall spiritual perspective.

Personal number


My name is Poppy and & I'm excited to use my gifts to help you advance in life life and relationships, especially those with your most intimate partners.

Personal number 4202


I'm always offering great advice about relationships and about your love life! I can also tell you some more about healing too if you give me a call! It wont be something you regret!!

Personal number 9647