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I'm here to let you know what your love life and relationship has in store for you. Come talk to me you won't be disappointed or left with no answer to your questions


Let's get you unstuck! To get the most out of your reading it's good to have an idea of what you would like me to look at for you. The way I work is to look at situations and opportunities as a whole, including the people and choices that affect you at that particular moment in time. My aim is to give you deeper clarity and peace of mind along with an understanding of why, from a spiritual perspective, the situations in your life are occuring.


A very sensitive, emotional and empatic woman driven by intuition able to sense the turns life takes.


My whole life I have been guided by intuition and asked the universe to guide me. When I was young, I didn't know what this meant, I just know it felt right. I use multiple tarot decks, oracle decks and pendulums. I even use my good ol' magic 8 ball from the 90s time to time. I believe there is no shortage to the tools to use to guide myself and others. Let me guide you!


I have always just somehow known things other people didn't. I am here to help. I hope I can help to reveal something for you


I have been using my gift to help others since 2007. I have helped people find true love, end broken and hurtful relationships, communicate with loved ones, make career changing decisions, and obtain overall success in their lives as well as inner peace and a balanced spirit.


I have been able to sense the dead and spirits since i was young. I am able to speak and talk with them on a daily, i have also had a lot of encounters with unresolved conflicts which in the end where resolved with my help.


I am a very tentitive gal! I am here to listen to any and every trouble in your relationship and guide you back to where you want to be.