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Lost in love and lost in hate, I know what it's like to have your heart bounded by another's and not being able to let go...take the journey of letting go and being free this is a healing process for all not only you but also me and I would love to take that journey with the right man


I am adept in a variety of mediums. Pendulum work, oracle cards, guided meditation, just to name a few. All are used as tools to help facilitate the access of information stored on a subconscious level, assisting in finding needed answers resonating with the individual. I am an Oracle of The Ancients. They are my spiritual guides. I have practiced my art for over a decade and I am an initiated Priestess in service to The Goddess.


Once afraid and confused of my abilities, I have now grown to love my natural gift. I have since continued to amaze myself and others. This gift frightens people at times. This is why I do not freely share my experiences with everyone. Psychics are real. We exist. We are people that are spiritually opened to another dimension. P.s. Most psychics do ask questions because we see images. We do not know where that image fits in. We are just as excited as you to have the puzzle filled in.


I am pleased to say that I consider myself as a Psychic! As a child, I often amazed family and friends with my insights and counsel. Some said I was very wise for my age. I answered questions before they were asked and my intuitive gift foretold future events. I also was fascinated by the stars and looked to them for clues about life and people. I can provide a wonderful road map for your upcoming year, insights on relationship compatibility, and major life event planning.


Hey my name is Lua, I understand that having psychic readings can sometimes be sceptical but I can assure you as a Indigo child, the readings & advice given by me are reliable, trustworthy and comforting. I am available for booked calls on the weekends (all specialisms detailed readings), During the weekdays I do detailed tarot readings from 10pm - 6am. Other than that please leave a message and I can do Love & Relationships specialising in Tarot or Astrology or both. Please leave a review :)


From childhood I've had an affinity for the moon and it's relation towards shaping ourselves and our future. I believe strongly in manifesting the good will of natural forces to improve ourselves and our lives. I want to assist people in gaining higher spiritual awareness in order to better their spiritual, romantic, family, work or financial situation.


Let's find out Destiny, let's get that question out of your head . Have you been wondering well wonder no more.


Hello there, I am a fifth generation psychic! I have been giving professional readings for 10 years! I have a shop here in Nevada! I specialize in energy readings! Dream analysis! I will tell you past present future love business marriage troubles in the home and health! I will tell you everything good and bad! I do not sugarcoat my readings! I am a real and honest psychic! I connect with you by your name and date of birth only! And I am able to see here feel energies around you!