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I have had a gift from a young age. Let me help guide you with your problems. Take the chance to believe in something.


I have been reading the Rider Waite Tarot for 15 years, specialising in relationships and love. Also have experience in helping with those who are suffering from a broken heart and need guidance on the next steps in life. My abilities are based on experience as well as intuition and instincts.



Psychic Shanti started seeing situations around her at a very early age that helped her to see what would happen in the future.She continued to develop her natural abilities through the study of metaphysics. Over 25 years ago she received an inspiration to help people by advising clients on Psychic Lines. Everyday brings a sense of accomplishment as clients relate how she has helped countless people change and transform a brighter future.



I specialize in love and relationship and tarot I've practiced for over eight years I discovered my psychic abilities when at the age sixteen I'm very honest and down to earth.


I have been a psychic for over 20 years, I don't need to use Angel cards, I can pick up one's vibrations very fast. I'm a expert Astrologer as well.


Iv been studying Astrology and Tarot since I was 13. I am self taught and also possess intuitive abilities.