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I have practiced many forms of divination for about 10 years now. I started delving into other realms at a very young age. My specialties include tarot using four-five different decks (The classic Ryder-Waite, Hermetic, Native American, Gothic, and Archetype cards). Some of these are oracle cards while others are the 78-deck tarot cards. I use knowledge of psychology and work with ancestors, herbs, and use astral travel as well.

Personal number 2457


I am here to help you. I first realized I had the gift when I was young. I specialize in Love Psychic Solutions. Learn to let go and explore your inner self with the powers of healing and harmony.

Personal number 7705


ive practiced for Years, I discovered i had psychic abilities when i was just 16 years of age . im all about making you feel good so i can talk about almost anything you want me to... i can relax your mind while you listen to my soft voice.

Personal number 4512


Hello, if you need someone that will listen to you with no judgement, makes you feel better about yourself and your situation at the end of the conversation...I am here to listen and to guide you with a tarot reading.

Personal number 4363


With over 17 years of experience, I guide others through life issues, such as love affairs, marriage, relationships, family, and divorce. My spiritual intuitions and expertise will help guide through life's journeys. My readings are direct, honest, intuitive and clear. No sugar coating here, Don't lose another night's sleep or shed another tear wondering about that special someone or questioning whether they are your soul mate. My mission is to assist people lead balanced, happy, lives.

Personal number 4908


Sending love and deepest gratitude to all of you reading this! I am a natural born Professional Psychic and an Advanced Energy Healer Practitioner. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, a Sensitive and an Empath. I began my early life seeing and hearing from the other side, listening to Spirit bring vibrant messages of comfort and insight to all who would listen to me

Personal number 4226


Personal number 7450


I've been around all types of relationships from my days as a young teen til now. I have both personal and real world experience while also providing a look outside the box.

Personal number 4272