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I've worked over 10 years as a psychic. I use my amazing clairvoyant gift to help others in virtually all areas of their lives. I feel deeply connected to her spirit guides who supply me with factual and loving advice to share with those who request readings.


Offering guidance to you is my primary goal. As your selected tarot reader I will be upfront with you. I am here to have a conversation with you. Offer you guidance on what's currently going on in your life I'm your motivation, here to aid. I specialize in Yes or No readings. I am down to earth, happy and eager to speak with you about whatever you need to get out into the universe. Don't have time to talk or I'm not online send me a message. I lead only in positive directions.


I am a psychic love healer I specialize in all areas of love relationships and marriages. I was born with this gift that had passed on from family generations. I have been giving readings for 15 years. I also have my own office where I give readings in person We're I give Palm, Tarot Card readings and Psychic love readings. Are you feeling lost and confused about your loved one? I have all The answers you are looking for I am open honest and straightforward on my readings Love & light.


I discovered my psychic abilities when I was a young woman, intuitively knowing things I logically couldn't possibly know, feeling the true intentions people had for other people even if they hide it well, felt things that are going to happen etc. I want to offer you VISION for your life, discover the truth within you, your life-path and those around you, assisting you to become your successful confident self. I'm specializing in Love matters but willing to help in all areas - except health.

Personal number 1744


Hi. Im Kammy. Im a fun bubbly and outgoing. My specialty is love. I love love and it loves me back. I have gotten married people out of a rutt. For a few years i ran counseling sessions in my front room. People from around the city would come to me to help with their relationship issues. I take great joy in helping people get their love and friendship backnon track. I really nuture people. It is very fulfilling to me. Just tell me all about your problems and Kammy here will make it all better.


I am a clairvoyant psychic with 20 years experience. I offer Accurate answers details and solutions. Spy Psychic will reveal all. I specialize in matters of love and the heart and everyday problems that we face in life. Are you feeling lost or confused? Do you want to know if he or she will call and if you have a second chance? Do you want to know if he or she will commit? Do you want to know if you are wasting your time. contact me for details


Hi! I am a third generation intuitive psychic. I've been giving readings for over 7 years now and use tarot divination, pendulum, as well as the guidance of my ancestors. My style of deliverance is very direct but also empathetic.


Ever since I was a little girl I was able to manifest the world around me. I am clairvoyant. I have the ability to read tarot and provide you a prediction of the past and help you manifest your destiny into what you desire. I can provide spiritual and energetic healing.

Personal number 1801