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I'm always offering great advice about relationships and about your love life! I can also tell you some more about healing too if you give me a call! It wont be something you regret!!

Personal number 9647


This is an admin account. Please do not contact. This is an admin account. Please do not contact. This is an admin account. Please do not contact.

Personal number 3797


Hi, my name is Mystic Sun, I like to give Relationship readings and Twin Flame readings. I have special cards for love and relationship readings. I also incorporate astrology and numerology. I will tune in psychically and may receive visions, hear words and get feelings that will play a part in the whole reading. I have a good general knowledge of all things within the psychic world so please call me and give it a try :)

Personal number 5152


I've known about my psychic abilities since I was only 6 years old. It started with just small feelings and vibrations and now it's a full on ability. I specialize in love, work, and relationships!

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I am an accurate honest psychic with 30+ years experience. I have had psychic experiences since childhood. I can help in most areas. I understand more than most in some areas due to a diversified background in the Healing Arts. I believe in past lives. I empower and encourage friends who seek me to trust in and develop their own abilities. I would love to hear from you! Lynne

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Hi my name is lamallie. I am from Tibet I was 6 years old when stared healing people small Problems and i learnt a lot of spells to heal any problems I use my ability and astrology to find out about your past and present and then through tarot cards and I will tell you about your future and then I will also tell you small spells that you can use to heal your problem I will not only tell you what is happening And I will teach you spells to change your situation.love,money,familetc.

Personal number 2383


Hello friends and a warm welcome! I have always been sensitive to the energies around me. Some call it being an empath. I have often found myself helping people with their problems, whether through magic or just being a pillar of support. I'm happy to provide clarity, healing and peace where I can.

Personal number 7004


Greetings all! Welcome to my profile I specialize in tarot reading and have been blessed with this gift since childhood. I'm delighted to help you all seek answers and provide comfort for your deepest needs.

Personal number 6865