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Hi my names is Sadity I'm 24 years old I have practice psychic for 6 years I was 19 when I first discovered I had a gift ... I love giving a open hand to give a lil more insider on people relations or any other obstacles that might be occurring .


My name is Star. Since I was a little girl I felt that I was different to the other children. I could feel things that I couldn' t see. You can actually speak to me and have a one to one reading. I specialise in my own universal card reading method incorporating one major and one minor card.


My specialism, regarding to my phychic abilities and expertise is dealing with love, lust, desiring about what's all around you and what you'll truly take in from your feelings that comes from within yourself. Yourself, which is you, which was you from the very beginning and it will still be you at the end. That reason happened was because you have to love your inner being-self before you start to love another person. I'm sorry I had to stop. I almost wrote a journal, but Hi there! Try a chat!


Momma always said, Luanna don't fight your gut on things god gifted you with. Ever since I was a child I was always a little strange, different.. the doctors said it was anxiety but mom always winked when she'd see me discarding the medication. I only truly started taking my moms advice seriously when I went through the most traumatic times of my life. Feeling alone, ashamed, and worthless I remember what I kept doing wrong. Fighting my gift.


I have practiced physics readings for over 10 years and have special connections for those looking for love or searching for that special someone


I've been studying spiritual healings and readings for about 7 years now. I come from a family that has direct lines to Casquette Girls and Salem. I love helping people get a better grip and understanding on their lives.


Love and relationships are what make the world, but at times they fall in to strife and the world stops or shatters. This can leave you asking why? Why did this happen? Why me? and the confusion and fear about what your love and relationship future will hold. So if you are seeking sense about all this - tell me your story ask me your question and lets see what the future may hold.


Hey there, I am Fun easy going loves to laugh I'm great listener, an unlicensed therapist as my friends like to say haha, I enjoy helping people discover their true selves whether spiritually, sexually or just awakening their true confidenc. I AM that go to person. Get to know me luv