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Great to speak to able to hold a conversation about almost any thing! good listener and benifitable and smart advise and a silly sense of humour.


I have been psychic as far back as i can remember, I can remote view and I am also clairvoyant ..empathic to be able to tell you how one feel's and with intuition and other gifts combined you will always get the answers you are looking for. I am honest accurate and quick. I do not use any tools. my predictions come to pass and my time lines are accurate...my heart is in it and I am here to help guide you. I can help you manifest in what you need, want or desire and I am also a helper and healer.


Hi my name is Mytsi. I am a certified tarot coach here to help you. I channel my angels for my clients to provide you with ethical psychic advice to help you make positive choices. As a lifelong empath, I offer practical advice that is honest. My heart filled coaching will help you foster change in your love life, career and personal development. I am not a mind reader I am an intuitive spirit guide, my readings will cover a 12 month time frame.


Hi!!! My name is Yasmine, im a very good listener. I love people, I have been a people's person all my life! We can talk about anything, I dont judge anyone about whats going on in their lives.


I can see the future , I can tell you your past without help , I can seek may goals and achievements


I know everyone goes through a rough patch in life but it's how you make it through that matters it's the steps you take let me help you on your journey talk to me I'm here for you


I am a naturally gifted Psychic... meaning i was born my ability so i have had this gift for as long as i can remember. However, I have spent my entire life training and perfecting my gift and have been working professionally with my gift for 10 years. My readings are uplifting, spiritual, accurate, intuitive and provide you with a clear sense and understanding on what direction to take on your life path. I help in all matters of life and i am conducting dream analysis as well.

Personal number 2134


I was always able to read love and vibes on people. I also remember seeing ghosts when I was young. It was always my goal to help people to get more in touch with themselves.