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Love and relationships are my thing. I have an extra sense for this sorta thing... I always confirm if a relationship is meant to be or if it's going to end.


Problems between you and a lover? I have a sixth sense about knowing whether it is true love or only love for the moment.


Hi guys. Just wanted to let you all know how experienced I am. I have been doing this for 7 years now and I have a lot of regular clients who use me regularly some say I'm brilliant which I agree. I also have been in centres spreading my expertise around locals in different areas. I realised the special talent I had when my grandfather passed away it was about a week later and he came to me because I was upset. He told me not to worry about the cost because he had money hidden around his house.


Hi my name is Lizy, I have done tarot reading for six years now, I'm a good listener,and here to help and guide you, love to here from anyone who has had a angel experiences.


I'm an experienced tarrot reader and I'm very accurate with my readings. I'm a white witch so im very in touch with other people and can read them and their future well. Im also skilled in astrology and star signs. So come check in I'm always looking forward to your call!!


I'm a lady with great senses,I believe I can tell a lot about people through there birthday and voice,I can predict most things using my mind power as I've done to a lot of people and I was correct. I'm a very mysterious woman so do try me and let's work out the future for better.


I was raised by a mother who spoke to spirits. Sensitive to the pain of others around her. She inherited her gift from my grandmother and hers before her. As a child while most had imaginary friends, I had spirit friends. They guide me and relay messages that others need to hear. I specialize in Love. Does your significant other truly love you? Is he faithful? Does he have secrets? I can answer those burning questions.


I am a natural born empath and medium, I have honed my skills with Tarot cards, spirit cards, and spirit aids, runes and more. Let me help you get the answers and inner peace you want and deserve.