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Have you ever felt like you were stuck. Like you were drowning? Like no one is there for you? Well I am. Advice, shoulder to cry on, a sounding board; that is what I'm here for. And more :)


I discovered I was psychic when I was 16 years old I went to a Celestial store to shop for some crystals and a man came up to me and told me my third eye is going to open and that I had a beautiful gift that I've been ignoring he cleansed my energy and from that day on I've never been the same I have this ability to know and see things that I can't explain and i have helped so many people.I hope to help you find your higher self,peace love and and many blessing I hope to hear from you soon


I'm an expert at providing psychic insight on relationships, dating and prosperity! I have been connected into the third dimension of knowledge for five years now and have helped many people make life altering decisions work in their favor!


Hi I'm Myst! I'm an experienced psychic who loves to help and inspire people to find their best path in life and love. I provide readings using my intuition, tarot and Oracle cards, and numerology. I also receive messages through the 4 Clairs. I use whichever skill my Intuition guides me to. I have been giving readings for more than 6 years. My readings are straightforward and honest. I know how to find the positive in any situation so you will always feel confident in your future.


I began teaching myself the ways of astrology and tarot about five years ago. My energy is always in tune when I'm shuffling, I can feel the aura of who I'm connecting to. Likewise with astrology, I like to believe I am good with picking up the vibe of someone after some conversation. I like to speak softly, and create a dark atmosphere before I do a reading. Think of it as relaxing ASMR.


Hello there and thanks for reading my profile. I have been a practicing psychic for about ten years now. I first knew I had the gift when I was about eight years old, my grandmother said that all the women in my family have it, just not all chose to use it. I only use my abilities for good. I am especially good at using my gift to help with relationships, work troubles, and that one question that has been nagging you. I am open and non-judgemental, so go ahead and say hi! I know you want to :)


I work every day to become closer with my own guides, so that I can help you connect with yours. I read Tarot and have two decks: an classic "Rider-Waite" deck and a Gaian deck that's all about mother earth. I channel only love, light energy, so don't worry about bad juju when you get a reading with me.


Hello, my name is Chosima and I am a spiritual guide. I use angel cards to provide honest answers, guidance, motivation, and inspiration to everyone who calls or sends a message. My gift was handed down from my grandmother. Many of my readings have come true, and I enjoy hearing about it. If I'm not online when you need me, feel free to request a booking, or send me a message. Let's talk, the cards are waiting.