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I have been practicing tarot for a year, I specialize in love and relationship readings. I have always been intuitive and I am an empath. I would love to help you and give you guidance into your love life and other issues.


I am a very mystical Irish woman who hold Celtic mythology very close to her heart. I am a white witch who has on occasions predicted some very important things for people! While I am young I have been working on my psychic skill since I was a young teenager.


I have worked with the Spirit world for a long time. I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant and Oracle card reader, with proven results. Spirit have shown me that they are there for everyone and can provide guidance, opportunities and help for all. I giving you clarity, honesty and the knowledge to make decisions on your life purpose and life choices. With a listening ear, you are sure to know the way forward with my readings. With messages from loved ones, Angelic realms and the cards to guide you.


Hi I am psychic Candy I am a third born generation gifted psychic I have over 15 years of experience of helping and guiding people through their path in life I noticed my gift at a very young age and I have been helping people ever sense I specialize in love finance business career past life and much more I am here to answer all those devastating questions so contact me today for your better tomorrow let's put you on the right path in life thank you so much


Hello my name is Antonia I'm a 5th generation gifted psychic i'v been doing this for overall 9 yrs I specialize in tarot cards they entell on past present and future love relation ships business finance career insite on how to achieve your goals I don't judge I'm very straight forward, call now for a better tomorrow!


Welcome I am Leah Chakras,I come from a family of empaths, clairvoyants and tarot readers on both sides.I first discovered my divinity of tarot reading when I was 25 I have been doing readings for 14 years and have always been very accurate in my readings.A lot of people mistake tarot reading for mediums,no spirts are involved it is all about your energy and I interpt the cards for you, so trust in yourself and I will help make understanding of it. love and light. Leah Chakras


My name is Morgana Bonnet Claire. I am from a small town but practice on a large scale of witch craft. I have ancestors who are linked to the Salem era. one of the many things I do Is interpret readings, I am a clairvoyant and am also gifted in speaking with people who no longer walk this realm.