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Tanqueray was born into the world of the supernatural. His parents practiced black magic and used it for their own benifit. Feeling exploited by them he ran away to New Orleans as a teen. There he would use his abilitys to win at underground poker games to scrape by. The older he became, the more Tanqueray's powers increased. As they developed,he was granted access into the minds of man. After finding a local support group and attending college; Tanqueray set out to use his gifts to help others.


First off id like to introduce myself, im leanne and i see things i really shouldnt lol iv had this gift from an early age and can help you gin closure on many things in yur life. I am straight talking and honest and can usually create connections very quickly.


Kristen New Orleans native is a powerful psychic and medium who uses Tarot to tap into the world of spirit to provide answers and guidance At seventeen she had her first Tarot reading, and was told her path in life was to help people her gifts through the study of a variety of spiritual paths and magical practices love and relationships, work career, health,legal issues, and so much more! Education and Experience which in turn gives her psychic clients clearer information and assistance.


I've always had a very spiritual intake, ever since I can remember. My whole family are all very spiritual and we can all read tarot, and communicate with the other side. I've been especially interested in tarot reading for the past 11 years and bring very accurate meaningful readings to people's lives whether they are after answers or reassurance from a higher source, I am here to help. Come and have a chat with me now.


I was born with a gift. I can tell you the future, past, present, and the answers to your life's puzzles.


I am a clairaudient and clairrvoyance psychic reader. I provide insights to your life and can tell you what's in store.



Descendant of Creole Africans that has practiced tarot readings for my entire adult life. The spirit of my ancestors and the Gods of the old country help me to see messages that are unclear to many people who are desensitized to these energies. Using tarot and a set of divination bones blessed by my ancestors, I can give you a meaningful reading.