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I rely on my auras which are constantly surrounding me and can vibe through people as I gage into the person through the energy putting into texting or looking at them.


Im a natural Clairvoyant I provide specialised readings in career moves and love and relationships. My Psychic readings will leave you inspired.


I read your tarot cards as they appear to me. I will not lie or only tell you what you want to hear. I promise to be completely honest and I some times see visions just talking and connecting with a person I will not tell you what I believe you want to hear I will read your future endeavors truly.


I am a student of the teachings of Madam Helena Blovosky and Edgar Cayce. At a young age I discovered that I had a deep level of intuition and learned to apply focus and understanding to that intuition, through some great teaching and understanding my relationship to the Great Universal Conciousness. I take pride in guiding others through the journey of life.


I have been practicing witchcraft and paganism since a child as my mother was a well known grey witch. I do believe you are born into the gift and when you know you have it you have it. I am a expert in spirit walking (communications with the passed) healing and I am clairvoyant. I believe with a gift like mine in helping others and passing messages for loved ones.


My goal is to find the proper balance for my clients that will reflect the best possible place for healing and positive movement. Often clients will leave a session feeling more fulfilled with clarity and peace of mind about their future direction.


Afropriest belongs to an ancient powerful secret order. Our psychic abilities are innate and conferred for life.


I'm Dae. I was raised in a Romani gypsy family in Cornwall. Many females in my family have the gift, however my grandmother and I are the only people we know with our manifestation.(Ask:) We are able to directly communicate with the universe and our ancestors to provide a deeper insight into this life and a glimpse into the next.