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Ever since I was a little girl I was able to manifest the world around me. I am clairvoyant. I have the ability to read tarot and provide you a prediction of the past and help you manifest your destiny into what you desire. I can provide spiritual and energetic healing.

Personal number 1801


Learning to be comfortable with my gift was anything but easy however throughout the years I have learned to embrace my gift and accept it as my leader of light. The constant consistency of visiting friends from the other side is what helped me to believe. Always helping and pointing me in the right direction...

Personal number 4910


I am a psychic who specializes in love and acceptance for you to understand within yourself and others


I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. With my Guides to assist, my readings are precise. She first started making connections at the tender age of 15, getting strong intuitive/psychic feelings about things that later came to pass.If you're totally confused about what someone thinks and feels about you, she can help you sort through your situation by looking at both you and the person you're concerned about by utilizing her empathic abilities.


I have read for hundreds of ppl connected them with their true loves and giving astrological readings


I was young when i first reliezed my talent i was about 10 or 11 yrs old. I have practiced on and off under my own supervision in my own comfort zones! So if you would like a reading please contact me and we will dig deep into the meanings of all aspects and and find your true aspects!


Hello, I am Mithra Sabala! My spiritual journey began around 15 years ago. At an early age, I realized that I had undeniable intuitive gifts, which ultimately evolved into my love for Tarot, communicating with Spirit Guides, helping others progress in their path of spiritual healing, and astrology. If you would also like to simply talk about spirituality, I'm here for you. I believe that spirituality is a beautiful journey that each of us travels through, and I would be honored to part of yours!


I have been practicing for a year now. My specialty is oracle card readings. I can help guide you to answers you seek about your problems and yourself. There is much wisdom in the oracle cards, and I will help you get the clarity you seek. The two decks I use are Unicorns and Flower themed.

Personal number 4893