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I am a third generation psychic advisor. I was born with the ability & I use my gift to help those who need guidance, clarity, and peace of mind!!


I am a clairvoyant psychic life coach that provides her clients with choices that will improve your relationships. I am a very compassionate empath and often will feel your pain and sorrows . Due to my compassion, I will often be very loving on the phone with you.

Personal number 0256


Salutations my friend, I am Kisa Goethe. I am from St. Helena, South Carolina. We are known for different practices and healings far back to the 1600s. As it seems these practices and even skills have been passed down into ky blood. I was born with special senses, and with time and practice I learned I am able to help and assist individuals in need. So please, do not hesitate to let me assist you.

Personal number 3522


Hi I'm jolene and I am gifted with ability to speak to loved ones who is waiting to pass on a message for you . I have had this ability since I was a young woman and never been wrong yet. I want to help your loved ones guide you on the right path in life. Why don't you give me a call today.

Personal number 1176


Let me introduce myself I am the answer to your life! My name is MS.London I have been doing spiritual healing and chakra reiki readings and meditation sessions for 49 yrs. I give my word that you will never regret the day you call me. I will astound you with my details about your life and purpose here and find your soulmate love and prosperity in your life. Let me help you find your answers to question that you have been looking for. Is he/she cheating? Do you love me? R U my soulmate?

Personal number 7145


Hello, my name is Ashley I am a gifted spiritual reader since I was 6 years of age I read into all matters of life I specialize in reuniting the separated bringing loved ones together chakra astrology tarot empath and much more I am Clairaudience and clairvoyant. I've helped people with love and relationships career and business depression and anxiety I help others to be at peace I lead clients in the right directions and help them to find the right path. One call will convince you.

Personal number 4660


Experienced psychic whose abilities are so great I've provided services for free. I work with celebrities, I've guest appeared on television shows and I am international.

Personal number 8454


My mission is to bring forth news and setting dreams to a reality. I am a intuitive reader here to help anyone on their spiritual journey. Love and light

Personal number 1933