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A talented tarot and angel card reader with a natural gift who can help you answer the questions you're unsure of. I love what I do because I love to help people. I work with angel and tarot cards and I will give you the clear and accurate info on love, relationship matters, your future and career, jobs, finance and business as well as general questions which are worrying you. Let me lead you toward success, love and your destiny.

Personal number 9300


Ever since I was a little girl I have known I was different from everyone else. What first started out as de ja vu made me realise I Could see things before they happened

Personal number 0853


Love is the frequency I live in. I am sensitive to energy and would love to help guide you. I have 5 tarot decks including a soul card deck.

Personal number 5057


I offer compassionate, honest and accurate Tarot and Psychic Empath readings. Always nonjudgmental, discreet and confidential! With over 20 years experience I specialize in Tarot, Oracle, dream readings, chakra and aura, crystal prescriptions and the paranormal. I will give you the answers that you need to make positive changes in love, relationships, and your career. Are you searching for your soulmate? Are you facing a crossroads in your life? A difficult decision? I am here to help!

Personal number 1636


I have been practicing as a clairvoyant and empath for 9 years, I first became aware of my abilities at young age whilst visiting my grandmother in palliative care. My grandmother had told me a story about my mother, my mother was flabbergasted when I told her because grandma was unresponsive and no one had ever told me that story. I can convey a message from/to someone in the spiritual world, I can also tune into connections between humans and sense intentions (not animals, sorry.)

Personal number 3587


TOC: This is a test account. Do not try to contact me as you may lose your credits. Please choose real Psychic to talk to.

Personal number 5395


Hello everyone I'm a psychic tarot reader. The areas I feel I can help are.genral card reads on relationships and on progression I. Other areas. It is a general card read so your own interpretation is needed

Personal number


"What is so Special about me?. I have been Blessed with a natural human being understanding. Empathy the ability understand share the will feelings others, both pain, joy of others. The service I can offer is Tarot 78 card reading. The experience I have is with family and friend for 8 months ongoing

Personal number 6967