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My Name is Devon and I am a college student from the most eastern spot on Long Island. All my life I have felt a connection with the place I live- the beach, as it has been my families home for centuries. I have always felt a spiritual connection through the existence of the ocean. Living by the ocean has helped me connect to the many different souls whom have swam through my waters. Our world is so interpersonally connected. Who are we -when we are not amounting to the eyes of somebody else?


I am very good with reading people and have always had a 'gift' some would call it. The way this works is I can tell you exactly if a relationship will work out just by having a simple conversation.


I have been honing my psychic abilities since childhood. As a young girl, I saved my mother from a deadly traffic accident shown to me in a dream. With a high degree of accuracy, I have predicted important and untimely events in the lives of the people around me. Knowing my gift, people from all walks of life seek my counsel and advice. Tell me, how can I help you navigate uncertain times? What do you need to know before it happens? I can give you reassurance and offer solutions to problems.


I've been a practicing psychic for a little over three years now. I first noticed my ability to tap into a higher realm shortly before my 16th birthday. Since then I have worked at honing my skills. Each and every reading is a journey and a learning experience for both the reader and the seeker. I look forward to working with you and helping you find your inner peace and desires.


I've been practicing for couple years now. I've had dreams through out my childhood, teenage, and adult hood years of people I've never met. I want to be able to help those that are in my dreams.


I have been gifted with the ability to understand things other cannot, and I would like to share my gift. I have the ability to guide you with your future and help you reach the loved ones you long to communicate with. Allow me to use my gift to help you.


Maryann is a gifted medium with over a decade of experience. She can tell you what other people are thinking and feeling. Compassion and honesty is the motto that stands by Maryann ,you can always expect her to be straight forward with you because in order for you to change things in your life you need to know the truthful direction to take to restore peace.


I'm here to listen to your problems and help as best as I can. My sole purpose is to make sure you feel comforted and relaxed around me, and hopefully by the end of the call you will feel renewed and happier. I am here to help in any way I can