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Natural born genuine gifted psychic, handed my gift from my grandmother who was genuine gipsy with the Gift I will tell you only the truth


I have always been extremely intuitive ever since I could remember, my grandma used to call me a white witch, I used to find it scary but now I put it into use by helping as many people as I can amd give them guidance in whatever situation I can



Im a psychic clairvoyant and spiritual healer for over 15 years.I work with aura energy and date of birth I pick up on your emotion to see what you are going through to help understand your situation with your date of birth I will see what is going on and what is the best solution for you. I specialize in reuniting lovers. I do tarot cards, aura healing and readings, chakra healing, balancing and readings and I also do a lover compatibly reading.


She was born with many gifts, which she was aware of since childhood. She is a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, medium and clairvoyant.


Our lives are a slave to energy, our energy is continually effected by numbers, I have guided them towards true happiness I can do the same for you.You simply need to contact me. Since a young age I have had a very unique gift.


Hallo everyone I am Mystic Tygress. I only specialise in tarot cards so I can focus all my energies into one channel to give the best possible advice for your questions. I discovered I had psychic abilities from a very young age.I used my abilities to help family members and then was asked for help by a neighbour 20 years ago. From then I have continued to help others. I listen to your questions and concerns and take your energy into the cards to achieve the best possible reading to help you.