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I found out my abilities as a young girl , I can communicate with spirit and also see people's past , present and future . I am an empath and can feel heartbreak on a personal level and connect with people and how they feel .


I am a natural born psychic intuitive empath. I have been helping people for over 30 years. Let me help you find clarity and understanding in your life.

Personal number 7904


Hello, I am Chelsea. I am 24 years old and have been a psychic medium &a clairvoyant for many years. My gift came when I was around 5 and I expanded and worked on my gift over 10 years to be able to bring clarity to mah hard life situations. I will always be honest with you and create and trustworthy and honest connection. I will give you the answers you need, the guidance you need and steer you and help you on your journey to your destination. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck xxx


Hello, my name is Gypsy and I am a psychic tarot reader based in Wales. I have always known I was psychic, but I truly recognised I had a gift at 5 years old and from then on I accepted my connection with the spirit world and developed my skills with my spirit guides. I have always dreamed about events that would end up actually happening anywhere between 1 day later too 1 year later. I spend a lot of time with my crystal ball. Ask me anything i'll always be straight forward.


I am GuidingYou an intuitive psychic with 10 years experience in intuitive readings and spiritual guidance using tarot and oracle cards.I am sympathetic, compassionate reader who cares about the concerns that you might have.Whether you need guidance about love, money, or career I am here for you and promise you will leave the call feeling positive energy and light.


My name is Christy and I have always had natural abilities that showed up at a young age. I have always been good at reading people's fortunes, telling their future and giving them advice. I specialize in Tarot readings. I can answer your questions, give you advice, help you out with your future and more!


I grew up with aunts who were psychic and they always told me I inherited their gift. I don't use cards or props, I just use my own crystals.


My mother used to tell me that as a child I would predict random events that would happen. I always used to listen and but into adult conversations telling them the truth of the matter and what their future holds for them. I used to get in a lot of trouble and still do to this day! I'm not your typical mumbo jumbo kind of psychic that speaks to spirits it's always been kind of a knowing then rudely interrupting people in the middle of conversations with friends, family and even strangers!