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I first discovered my talent when my mum sadly passed away aged 9. I swear I could constantly hear her calling my name. It was very hazey mind an actually still is. I get hazey images and feelings. I spoke to a family member about this an together we got in touch with the spiritual world. It took a very long time to learn to listen an it took even longer for me to accept I can not choose who contacts me

Personal number 7887


Hello there! I practice cartomancy (tarot cards) and astragalomancy (dice) to gain insight on who we are as people and what we must do to achieve our hopes and dreams. I am a psychic medium of earth and spiritual advice, and I work with angels to provide answers to where ever you need help. When you feel like you're alone, you're not; there are forces beyond us that want to be your guide and watch you flourish.

Personal number 0213


I have always been into things that can't be explained. Already at young age I started with crystal healing and astrology. My main is now giving people a little bit of tips by using my different tools like tarot and pendelum. I would say I'm expert in Love and Relationships. Everybody needs a little bit of love right?

Personal number 2033


Palm reading and card reading, advice. I have practiced for 20 years and have a strong intuition.I am frank and honest about what I see.

Personal number 4733


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Personal number 7136


I am a stay at home mom who has special gifts that I know can help someone along in their journey. sometimes my visions come within a dream and sometimes it is a feeling that draws me to someone who i just know needs my help even if they themselves do not know it at the time

Personal number 6349


Lover of Tarot & Oracle cards. I focus on relationships and finances. I started doing Tarot readings more than four years ago. I am reliable, friendly, decent & cheerful. People really like & enjoy my readings. I am driven by honesty and the desire to be of service. I love people & animals. My readings offer guidance. They provide answers to your questions. I love, honor & respect you & your reading. Each reading is a new bright engaging and fulfilling experience to me. Let me uplift you! <3

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From a very young age, I displayed tangible examples of focusing on not only what one sees around them, but what is hidden beyond. I specialise in guidance of emotional well-being and states of mind, presenting the energy I feel in a manner that is key to overcoming many of life's temporary hurdles. Holding a strong belief in helping those I talk to move forward from any aspect of their life, or simply further reassurance and guidance on what may take place next.

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