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I for many years have specialised in love and relationships. From a young age I have had the ability to see visions only now at 31 do I have the ability to interpret them. Sometimes it is hard to read people so I will let you no if I can't read you. I am a trained healer and specialise in guided self healing which I can do via the telephone. I have used tarot cards for 20 years and can do this via call or one card via messages. I look forward to hearing from you Love and light

Personal number 2739


Psychic reader for 5 years. Channel though Ascended Masters, Archangels and Saints. Third Eye and Crown Chakra visions along with utilizing different forms of tarot. Gifted from childhood and enjoy reading in hopes to offer faith and blessings for many who seek answers. Thank you for allowing me into your life.

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Namaste I am a natural born seer that came from generations of women who could see further into the future. It first started as me having dreams that would come true and vivid visions of things that would manifest later. I have a very direct reading style with no sugar coating because the truth is what will set you free. The truth is like surgery but it brings clarity and healing for spiritual growth. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you and be your guide.

Personal number 2547


Hello, thanks for stopping in and reading my profile, let's get to know each other. For starters, people call me the Oracle Divine because I was born with the gift of the all seeing and all knowing eye. I am here to help you on your journey. I am here to answer your questions and to guide you on your path. I specialize in tarot, astrology, dream work and many others. I have the answers your soul and heart are yearning for.

Personal number 2919


Kyah is a natural born psychic, empath, clairaudient and clairvoyant. Her specialty is channeling people's spirit guides and angels and offering intuitive guidance. She is also a certified QHHT Past Life Regression practitioner. Her main goal is to assist people in many ways with their spiritual development, soul healing, and ascension process. She has spoken to thousands of people all over the world and has been featured in newspapers and online publications.

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Personal number 0000


I am gifted with the ability to have some knowledge of the future. I found in high school that I could sometimes guide my friends along their journeys. Now I offer my gifts to the rest of the world.

Personal number 7109


Personal number 3457