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Hello my name is Evonn I am a natural born psychic I discovered that I had my abilities back when I was about nine years old I've been professionally doing psychic readings and helping others for over 30 years now. I specialize in love Relationships And soulmate connections As well as career and Business guidance

Personal number 0278


Welcome, I have been training and adapting my skills as a tarot and Oracle card reader for over 15 years. Working throughout europe with many different spiritual groups and influences, now based in the u.k.If you would like a friendly, open minded, non judgemental chat about your current circumstances, please feel free to contact me. Dont have the time to sit and chat? Dont feel comfortable on the phone? Drop me a message and access your card reading on the go. With blessings

Personal number 6075


Welcome! I'm Hannah Olivia, a natural born psychic, empath and trusted confidant. I have over 10 years experience as a psychic, providing deep and meaningful insight to all of my clients, every time, guaranteed. My mission is to provide you with the answers you need and to help you understand what is not clear to you already. Experienced in spiritual healing and awakenings, life and relationship advice based on clairvoyance/intuition, and so much more. Give me a call, I'm waiting to help!


The future is not shown to me in concrete objects but more washes of feeling and vibes. The gift I've been given is simply a connection to that intuition that most of us feel so withdrawn from, the gut instinct of trusting observation and self truth. I use many tools to focus my energy but they would be meaningless without the intent that I instill in them. I can see the paths before you but exactly where they lead is often left to the cruel and mischievous fates.

Personal number 1435


Personal number 0008


Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Advisor, Tarot Reader Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Medium/Channel (contact with the other side) Knowledge of Crystals, the Power of Color, the Kabbalah, Sanskrit Chanting, Meditation Techniques, Animal/Nature Communication, Astrology, Numerology, Energy Clearing and Healing, The 2012 Prophesies, Past Lives

Personal number 7977


I specialize in Psychic and Tarotcard readings Working with intuitives and their special needs work against all negativity human and spiritual reuniting loved onesBalancing and cleansing chakras

Personal number 7063


Hello, My name is Jasmin. Im an experienced tarot reader. I come from a long line of readers and discovered my spiritual abilities at an early age. I'm a compassionate and non-judgmental person. I understand that life can seem like its against us some time. I'm here to help you make sense of things, I will use everything in my power to give you the best advice and guidance I possibly can. I look forward to hearing from you. Crystal

Personal number 7825