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I've always known there is more to the world than meets the eye. This led me to a pack of tarot. I've learned from a Chilean spiritual healer how to use and decipher the signs that are delivered to us by the cards. I've been a foreteller for a year now, navigating between the energies of the magic and real. Time is an illusion. Our memories and intents guide us all. Let me help you find your way. I'm also a psychology student, and will help you in your queries on love and relationships.

Personal number 7020


I am an Intuitive Empath Psychic. I have been Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards for over 15 Years. Along with my intuitive gifts, I incorporate Astrological Energies with the Wisdom of the Tarot to deliver an accurate Insightful quality Reading. I am straight forward yet compassionate. You will receive clarity and have a better understanding of the topics you bring forward during your reading.

Personal number 5442


I want to make you happy with my words , I want heal your mind and soul ... You can trust me with anything . I'll be here for you for as long as you need me too, so let me make your heart and mind better

Personal number 0164


I am able to harness my ability and focus on offering guidance to you is my primary goal. I can not be compared to any other tarot reader as I am so much more than just a tarot reader. I am here to listen and connect with you on another level. I will not tell you what you want to hear, I am a guide and will always lead you in positive directions.

Personal number 6131


I'm a multi-generational psychic with a combination of inherited Psychic abilities (ranging from horoscope, tarot card reading, meditation, clairvoyance, & even spell casting) Helping to bring the Ancient Wisdom of Psychics into this digital age. As a Love Psychic I know first hand that when dealing with matters of the heart we can all use some guidance & insight. I'll help you through any insecurities, doubts or questions with my Love Predictions & Answers.

Personal number 0668


Hey, I'm dusty and I am an experienced psychic and clairvoyant. I work with spirit in all I do. I was taught the traditional gypsy way of reading by a true Romany gypsy lady. I am and here to listen to bring enlightenment and clarity into your situations, so whether it be love/relationships career, family, opportunities, personal situations or you just feel you are stuck, I am here to assist in a caring, empathetic, non-judgemental and relaxing manner, and I am very friendly and approachable.

Personal number 1285


I have a PhD in Metaphysics and work with The Law of Attraction using only Light Tarot Angel and Oracle cards to help you in life's journey 30 years experience. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL.

Personal number 0103


Let me introduce myself I am the answer to your life! My name is MS.London I have been doing spiritual healing and chakra reiki readings and meditation sessions for 49 yrs. I give my word that you will never regret the day you call me. I will astound you with my details about your life and purpose here and find your soulmate love and prosperity in your life. Let me help you find your answers to question that you have been looking for. Is he/she cheating? Do you love me? R U my soulmate?

Personal number 7145