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I am a 10th generation universally gifted clairvoyant reader empath & a expert in the field of tarot my gifts help in all areas of life such as love career marriage divorce separation friends & family I have helped many across the globe find the answers to there most pressing questions i am able to guide those to the right path and help theme find there destiny and soul purpose if you are feeling lost & hopeless do know I am here for you to help in any matter blessings


Hi, I'd like to tell you a little about myself and what I may be able to help you with. I've always known since being a small child that I had a special gift that my sisters didn't have. I would call myself an intuitive clairvoyant, capturing the sentiments of people I talk to. I also read Angel cards and believe we all have at least 1 Guardian Angel who cares for us. If you feel you may have a connection with me I would welcome you to get in touch.

Personal number 7133


Know the truth now. Get clear, pointed answers with straight talk and no drama. I heal hearts and guide relationships. Ask for the answer! I will not leave you disappointed! Licensed Psychic, Counselor, Teacher and Healer Each day can be one step toward wisdom, happiness! I have helped thousands of people find answers to life�??s most troubling questions. I go straight to the heart of any difficult matter to explain motives, desires, and outcomes. My future sight is remarkably direct.


I work with tarot cards and I have been reading for over 5 years. I am an intuitive reader and I have been told that I am clairsentient which means that at times I am able to sense what people are thinking and feeling.


I have known about my gifts for most of my life.I am a descendant of mountain witches of Oklahoma!I am a witch of the desert for many years. A self taught Herbalist.I AM also an Empath!And of Cherokee heritage�??�

Personal number 9185


My name is LadyBleu, and i have been a clairvoyant since i was a child. I have always been able to see things that other people can't see. I used to feel weird, but as i grew older, I earned how to cultivate my gift and use it for good.


Hello, My name is Kia and I'm a professional tarot card reader. I've been reading now for over 6 years. I specialise in Love & Relationships as this is the area that most of my clients require readings in but other factors are sometimes included within the reading. I work with a 5 card spread and provide a full reading with the cards selected and any other factors or areas that I'm feeling whilst we embark on this, your spiritual insight, together.


Hello, my name is Sarahlee. I specialize in helping people through difficult situations. Whether it be relationships, job decisions, or whether or not to make a move. I will shuffle my tarot cards while tapping into your energy. I often feel a tingling sensation in my fingers over the right cards I am supposed to select for you. We will read them together and let the spirits guide us with the best decision for you. I have been helping people for many years and hope to help you as well.