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Personal number 1200


Hi trust you here as you need some guidance or help to understand things that sometimes seem unnatural or you losing your mind.Times you feel alone like no one will understand and they will just judge you Well i know this all to well, having abilities i could not explain, so i decided to share my gifts with people who need it and need closure or comfort as this i what i needed in my life to facing pain,love,loss,mourning ,supernatural the diffrence is i understand and can explain them

Personal number 8032


I have been doing Tarot, Angel Cards and Astrology for over 20 years. I first discovered my abilities in my teens and have been refining my skills ever since. I give powerful, accurate readings with main emphasis being on love and relationships. I have also worked in the sex industry for the last 13 years, helping clients with sex and relationship problems. I am passionate about people and love to help where I can.

Personal number 1101


Hello I am a psychic clairvoyant medium reader have been doing readings professionally for over 10 years. I work with the help of my spirit guide and can offer readings on many subjects but do specialise in love and relationships readings.

Personal number 1203


I discovered my psychic gifts at the age of 11. I was always seeing things before they would happen. But what really gives you goose bumps is that I predicted an event at my sisters house about 2 weeks before it happened. That was confirmation that I needed to help people.

Personal number 8019


I started noticing that I had Psychic abilities when I was about 30. I am 47. I have noticed that my abilities are mainly focused on love and relationship matters. I have been practicing my psychic abilities more regularly for 5 years now.

Personal number 5670


Hi I have lots of experience being a psychic advisor I have many different abilities I am able to read tarot cards crystal balls angel answer readings and tea leaf readings i'm able to do spiritual cleansing I have been doing psychic readings for over 12 years now I worked with my mother who was also psychic she owns a psychic shop I have a lot of good clients I am very accurate with my readings all my readings are tailored to my clients all my readings are non-judgmental easing your mind

Personal number 2212


I have been psychic for a while. I'm only 18 but I can pick up i things or predict things like nobody's business. I would say something would happen as a kid and it would. I've always been like that. My goal is to help you whatever way I can.

Personal number 8644