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Hi I'm psychic Vanessa I have 15 years of experience Are you tired of false hope? Broken promises? In just one phone call you will be convinced that I am truly a gifted psychic. I will reveal things to you only you would know I can help in all matters of life such as love and relationships career and finances and much more if you need clarity if you need answers if you just need to know the right Path to take I will give you Spirit guide of advice

Personal number 9851


Hello! I am PyroMystic, a natural Tarot and Intuitive Reader. All my life, I have had the gift of sight and come from a bloodline of magical women. From the day I was born, I was called to the path of healing others through tarot/intuitive readings, energy work, shadow work, and connecting with the spirit realm. Ultimately, my goal as a psychic reader has always been to help my clients who are on a journey to discovering self and being their authentic self.

Personal number 8986


Hello beautiful soul my name is Jennifer and I welcome you to join me in seeking clarity into your personal questions. I connect directly to source to bring you the highest vibrational information so you can gain clarity to make informed choices on your current path to happiness. I use the tarot to identify any blockage, hurdles or obstacles so you can clear them with confidence. It is an honour to join you on your journey and I look forward to connecting with you.

Personal number 7132


I have worked as a psychic over 25 years. My readings are accurate, caring and above all, give the client hope and tools for creating the life they want. I use Tarot, Spirit guides, of A Course in Miracles & other spiritual practices to not only give you an accurate reading of where you're at now, but tools to manifest joy, love, abundance and peace! I combine my reading with not only giving the client a clear reading, but equipping them with hands-in tools that are life-changing.

Personal number 8780


Ever since I was a young girl I knew I carried a gift and a desire to heal For a long time I lived in denial about my gifts until the universe opened my eyes and showed me how to use my abilities to help those who need me Through me I can help guide you to manifest the life you desire. The universe will speak to you through me With love and light I am here to mend your wings so you can fly again

Personal number 8119


Hello my beautys. My name is Anastasia, stasi for short... I can help with any issues you may encounter, and guide you in the right direction to help you live an amazing and prosperous life.

Personal number 0205


Hi I'm Priscilla I am a clairvoyant psychic counselor healer twin flame love expert with over 10 of experience I can quickly gain insight into the depth of the past present and future situations i will give u valuable insight that will thrust you forward in life n give you renewed hope insights concerning love and relationships I will provide what u need to know i have the ability to see or gain I will provide straightforward and candid info on any issue!


Spiritually Connected, Empath with Intuitive Gifts. Use tools such as the Tarot and Pendulum, Crystals and Chakra Healing. I can easily pick up the Energy in a situation, person or thing all Spiritually Guided. Let me guide you through your path or a situation giving always the best advice for a better outcome resonating in Love and Peace, Namaste

Personal number 1558