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I have recently realized my calling is to bring us in touch with our inner selves. I read Tarots and experience in: Love & Relationships Angel Cards Clairvoyants Healer Mediums Spirit Guides Astrology: I'll be here to guide you through and help you make decisions

Personal number 2617


My Name is Melissa, I am an Angel Incarnation & gifted Australian Indigenous Healer. My Abilities include Angel healings, Astral Checks, Ancient Aboriginal Ceremonies, Atlantis Ceremonies, Channelling, Demon/Hex Removal, Cancer/illness healings, Fertility Ceremonies, Mediumship, Soulmate/relationship Ceremonies, Remote viewing, Astral Travel, UFO/ALIEN Contact, Bigfoot/Yowie Contact, Telepathy, Indigenous Tracking and much more.

Personal number


Hello, I'm Victoria. I'm able to feel energy from persons- where I can guide, using my Higher-Power from within. My gifts allow me to view the future and avoid problematic situations. As a young child; i realized I had a gift when I sensed my fathers car accident miles away. Need facts about a relationship? Job? Stressful situation? I am connected to positive Divine Forces. . . Let me consult with the Heavenly Spirits to Protect, Guide, Clarify, Define, & Provide for YOU!

Personal number 0784


I have many years of experience in helping people with spiritual guidance, I have often been told to do it professionally so here I am. I love the opportunity to help so many more people through providing spiritual guidance that resonates with you. I use Crystal Healing, Tarot cards and an empath psychic. I would love to chat.

Personal number 5297


Hello to all my beautiful people that write and talk to me. Just to let you know that I will be offline until Monday 10th April but I shall be praying for you all and sending you everything good through the Universe. Keep believing in yourselves and never give up. The past is the past and tomorrow is a brand new start. Love you all xxxxxxxxx Sally xxxxx

Personal number 6466


I love being a psychic medium and helping people every day. To me, there's nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones on the other side, or sharing guidance from your spirit guides for assistance when you have specific questions.

Personal number 8217


I've always felt a connection to otherworldly things out there even at such a young age. I admired the unknown and aspired and still do to search and find the things where others wouldn't dare look. I'm here to give you an insight on the questions you need answers to and the underlying messages of it all.

Personal number 3493


I've been psychic for about my whole life. Since I was a little girl I would have the ability to sense things others could not. I can read auras and I have premonitions come to me through other's auras. I don't have to physically be connected to a person to pick up these feelings. I'm truthful and honest and my goal is to help others solve questions that they may have not got the answer to without my guidance. Feel free to get a reading from me promise you wont regret it.

Personal number 9216