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Heyy there! I have been practicing tarot for 6 years. I've read for people and had them later confirm that something else in the reading came to be or resonated with them on a deeper level. I'm always delighted to hear about another amazing connection made through the world of tarot!! Do you have questions and need insight? Let's make a connection!


Hello Let me express my warmest welcome to You and introduce myself. My name is Peter, I'm Archangel Michael's channel, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, working wirh the Archangel for more, then ten years to help you to thrive and mend your heart with relationship advices. As a relationship expert, I can help you to see the situation clearly. To know, what helps and what doesn't suit you. Call me, when you are confused and see crystal clear!


My name is Tasman Jackson. I have a history of being thought provoking in the Tarot Business Industry. I have studied with Tarot Masters, scholars, spiritualist and educators. I have a passion for the Tarot Reading business, and enjoy using my ability to help people achieve success. My mission is to give a very in depth and thorough psychic service that will bring clarity.

Personal number 0439


Personal number 6088


Hi there! My name is E + welcome to E's Intuition! I've been an intuitive tarot reader for three years, created my own intuitive reading tarot deck, + am a certified Spiritual mentor! I'm an energy worker, empath, + a natural born clairvoyant. I'm here at this specific time to help you when you need it the most! Thank you In Advance for choosing to work with me!

Personal number 7498


Are you lost, worried or confused? Do you need straightforward accurate advice? My name is a Chava and I�??m a natural born psychic clairvoyant, master at reading tarot cards, and giving expert relationship advice. I have over 6 years of giving honest and mentally sound advice. My readings cover matters of life such as love, relationships, family and more. As my great grandmother told me, finding peace and balance will bring you true tranquility.

Personal number 3374


I specialise in all types of readings especially love. I work with my spirit guides and higherselves to draw in messages for your highest good, i feel your emotions as they are my own and can really understand you as a soul having a human experience.Im an empath so i can communicate in a very individual way as i feel what the client feels and thinks, my reiki can help you elevate your energy fields into a higher vibration and clear block. I am a medium so i may channel your loved ones.

Personal number 8845


I have studied and practiced psychic work for 25 years and helped and guided many people through tarot, angel cards and crystals. I like to use crystal skull as they give great clarity and vision. I can normally see through situations and get a good angle on things when you begin to talk to me.