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Hello! I can read tarot, alongside with some fun and unique assistance such as the use of symbols for manifestation of energy you wish to conjure, and also pendulum if you have burning questions for spirit. I have been reading tarot for over 7 years now, and have been connected with spirit since a young age. If you wish to find out what spirits advice for you is, contact me!


I have been connected to spirit and to nature my whole life. My first experience happened 20 years ago at a spiritualist church. They called me up to read for members of the congregation. I had never done it before, but when I finished, the people I read for asked me to come back and read again. Over the past decade I've reconnected with my abilities giving readings to those around me who've needed help and advice. I specialize in tarot and pendulum readings. I will tell you like it is.

Personal number 6732


I am a clairvoyant empath who has the ability to see past events current situations and future outcomes. My goal is to use these skills to help you fulfill all of your deepest desires and to assist in the expansion of your greatest potential. With my third eye as an ally I want to help make you the best that you can be!

Personal number 9244


I can understand you without going through your trials. We all can relate, even on different paths. Come take your journey with me, and find the joy you've been seeking.


Compassion and intuition guide my readings. At a young age my mother told me about my grandmother from the old country, her abilities in second sight. In my thirties I started channeling my abilities and found great solace there. I am here for those needing guidance, clairity of insight or closure Chakra healing, Reiki, Love spells Crystal & Stones/ tarot readings


I had endured a lot of pain and confusion during my childhood and I found myself really struggling with what my purpose was or the purpose of anything for that matter. I noticed the patterns in my life and began taking in all the spiritual history and knowledge I could. I discovered that my ability to empathize with people and tap into all sorts of energy was profound. And the most meaningful thing I can do is share that with others. Chat for some insight spiritually mentally and emotionally.


I am clairvoyant Medium Psychic with 29 years experience I can connect with your love one let me help put your mind at ease I also offer tarot card readings I can focuse on love and relationship finances And much more


Personal number 2708