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Hi. Im Kammy. Im a fun bubbly and outgoing. My specialty is love. I love love and it loves me back. I have gotten married people out of a rutt. For a few years i ran counseling sessions in my front room. People from around the city would come to me to help with their relationship issues. I take great joy in helping people get their love and friendship backnon track. I really nuture people. It is very fulfilling to me. Just tell me all about your problems and Kammy here will make it all better.

Personal number 8267


"Peeking into the ethers for the answers you seek" I am a mystic that has been studying divination for years, and enjoy empowering people through tarot work. Reading my cards, I will give you the insight and clarity to tackle the questions that pop up in your life. Love, career, relationships, or home, the answers are all in the cards. Come and receive the answers you desire.


Hello! My name is Marlena and I've been helping people with my abilities for over 14 years. If you are trying to find peace while your heart is in pieces, I am the Psychic for you. I can guide you to a life of happiness, true love and success. If you are worried, if you are stressed, if you are confused, I will use the best of my abilities to remove these negative feelings and bring you peace of mind and clarity. With me, you will not go wrong.

Personal number 0633


My name is Morrell, as an experienced intuitive and empathic reader, I will guide you through the emotional maze of love, relationships and marriage with open honest readings and compassionate loving support.

Personal number 9749


I have been a practicing psychic for over 15 years. I specialize in love and relationships, numerology and astrology. I discovered my abilities as a young woman and realized that I needed to share my gift with others in order to bring knowing to their lives as well. If you need guidance I am here to help you.

Personal number 1447


I am a 42-year-old English woman that has been reading tarot cards for years, I will always be honest and open with you, I will never sugar coat anything and be honest with you. I listen well and will never judge you. I am here to guide you the best way that I can.


I'm a psychic and tarot reader with 10 years of experience. I enjoy listening to people with a compassionate ear. I promise, all questions are taken seriously and answered honestly. Together, we will choose the proper path for you.

Personal number 3832


Spiritual psychic advisor can help with all matters of life I am a spiritual psychic advisor I Can help you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Function Way Feelings Mind to Mind Readings Energy Cleansing Relationship Feeling Weight Loss Help With All Addictions Help With All Atricle Problems Spiritually Mentally and Emotional Problems Relationship Problems Family Problems Family Counseling Pet Psychic