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Welcome dear, to my profile. You are here because you are looking for answers, and deep down you know that I can answer them. I have been a psychic all my life without even knowing it, always predicting to my family and friends what the future was planning for them. I have always been right about it. I do want to help you, and I really hope you and I can find a way yo your happiness. Greetings, Adelya

Personal number 2248


My name is Morrell, as an experienced intuitive and empathic reader, I will guide you through the emotional maze of love, relationships and marriage with open honest readings and compassionate loving support.

Personal number 9749


I have a natural ability to sense others emotions and to get to the heart of a problem. I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years and have a broad experience of telephone and face to face psychic readings. I base my service on years of Psychic experience and ability, all my readings are honest and professional, and I am here to help you in every way possible. My area of expertise is Love, Romance, Family concerns and Career issues.

Personal number 5662


Personal number


I love helping people with my psychic abilities. I am aware how powerful this can be, therefore I respect my gift to its fullest when translating it via cards or feelings . With over 10 years of experience. I found my gift when I was a little girl.

Personal number 6582


Hello friends and a warm welcome! I have always been sensitive to the energies around me. Some call it being an empath. I have often found myself helping people with their problems, whether through magic or just being a pillar of support. I'm happy to provide clarity, healing and peace where I can.

Personal number 7004


I'm not your conventional psychic I have many strings to my bow and I use whatever is needed. I'm truthful too, I cant lie and if its not what you want to hear Sorry I'm a seer, healer and I do hear things too, and channel at times I sometimes use cards, crystals play a part too, either the stone, or using a pendulum. But the best pendulum is our bodies. My forte is healing both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Personal number 1098


Hi love I'm Ravenbabe. I've been specializing in astrology for 8 years. I have individually studied every single zodiac sign and the unique links that they have to our sun, moon, and other planets. Let me tell you your destiny (;

Personal number 1045