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I am a clairvoyance also a clairsentience and i also have the gift of clairaudient.I also work in clairsentiemce.

Personal number 9596


My name is Melissa, I am a young psychic and I'm a complete say it as you mean it person so you will have a direct approach that will leave no stone unturned and will allow you to feel the gift of being truly guided to a better place in life. I use a combination of techniques to ensure that the connection with you is a strong one. My speciality is inter sexual relationships and gay connections as well as straight and a past life viewpoint.

Personal number 2263


I specialize in listening to people and feeling what they feel, weather it be pain or happiness. Words are very powerful healers and sometimes that all people need are words of comfort. You will leave me feeling better about yourself and your situation. I can't tell the future or anything like that but i can listen and talk to you in a kind and spiritual voice. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear and i can provide that for you.

Personal number 4125


Having been raised by a shaman and her tribe my entire life, I have always been drawn to the spiritual. From an indigo child to prismatic woman, I've found my psychic abilities are a gift both from the universe and my support system, and I've integrated a myriad of spiritual practices into my own personal craft. I've been practicing for over 10 years, and have had the honor of working with Laurie Cabot herself, as well as taken courses alongside many of her coven. I do hope we can speak soon!

Personal number 5452


I specialise in astrology, tarot reading and relationships. With over 4 years experience, I am the go to for many of my friends and family who need guidance in things such as their job, relationships, friendships etc. My aim is to give you the clarity you need to overcome any situation you are facing by being very honest and as transparent as possible.

Personal number 1690


Welcome and Blessings I am a natural born; Empath- are able to sense through emotions and feelings. Clairsentient- is another term frequently applied to empaths. Clairvoyant- (literally "clear vision") primarily sense through dreams and visions. Clairaudients- sense things in the form of sounds. Channels- like mediums are sensitive to spirits, but they may allow a spirit or guide temporary access to their own senses in order to facilitate direct communication.

Personal number 1521


I started my work with the Tarot first doing readings for my family and friends by intuition and high psychic sensitivity. I have helped man people and I will continue to help because that's how I feel complete, aligned with my soul purpose and happiness.I will help point you in the right direction and will help guide you along the path that you choose.you are in charge of your own destiny and I will help you live the life your meant to

Personal number


I have practiced in the magickal arts since I was a child. This ability has been passed down through the lineage of my family since before Salem. I consider myself to be a member of a long line of mediums and witches who have always been successful.

Personal number 4885