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My passion is helping people reach their potential life. It is not met without good health and positive relationships. Due to tragedies in my own life, I've been lead down the road of self discovery and awareness. For years I have helped people achieve good health and live a life of great relationships. So let me help you become the happy person that is just waiting to show itself!


I am gifted in the area of Tarot, Scrying, Pendulum I am a 3rd generation practicing Gypsy Witch. Let me help decipher the messages the Universe is sending you. Tarot Readings 1-3-5-12 Card Spreads. Pendulum Reading/ Water Scrying Black Mirror work.


Personal number 7731


Gereetings all and welcome to my page my name is gypsybruja i am a natural born psychic mpath, clairvoyant clairaudient with over 30 years exp. I specialize in love and relationships past present and future career and life questions my readings are 99.9% accurate my clients rate me as a five star reader. being a psychic empath allows me to read thoughts and feelings of others also i am able to give insight with time frames and dates. call me now see what your future holds.

Personal number 5941


I have been aware of my psychic abilities from around the age of five, when I started communicating with spirit via a toy phone that I had. I have now been practicing with my gift for around three years, offering guidance and light wherever possible. I specialise in love and relationships as well as careers, using a variety of different methods such as angel cards (numerous decks), my spirit guides and naturally. I can combine all three for the perfect clarity also.

Personal number 5627


Born with a veil has given me extra-sensory perception. I can sense whether something is right or wrong. People have always come to me for advice about problems and 'the way forward'.


As a reader I'm all about raising my clients vibrations, you won't find any judgement here just a confidential and supportive space filled with love, light, motivation and inspiration. I work using psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities and I will receive thoughts, words (pop in my head), pictures (in my minds eye) as well as physical sensations like particular smells. I pride myself in my no nonsense approach and will 'say what I see' but this will always be in a compassionate manner.


I have always been connected to the spiritual side. I would research different spiritual subjects, but I found my true calling in tarot. I started practicing and reading for friends when I was a young woman then slowly got referrals and had the opportunity to do readings for social and spiritual events. My readings are very open and I focus on you and the questions you have. I also believe that the cards are more a a guide then something set in stone, and they are only here to help guide you.

Personal number 7716