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Personal number 3557


This is test profile, please do not connect. Choose another Psychic for a in depth reading. Thank you


I am an empath from birth with over 30 years of experience. I specialize in spiritual readings, life advice, tarot reading, and spell candle and jar work. If you need answers, I'm here to help. Try me. You won't be disappointed.


My name is botodd, and from an early age I learned that I had intuit abilities. Come visit me so we can discuss your current life and what your future may hold for you.


I am a very empathic person and love to read people, future and everything related. I have the ability to read people minds, predict future upcomings by few words of the person I�??m talking to without even seeing her in person. I can see the past, the present and the future. I can read zodiacal signs and see what�??s the configuration of the planets is for you at the moment.

Personal number 7370


HELLO, My name is Amber I'm a psychic medium and an empath. I offer readings on your relationships, your career, your year ahead, and general readings where you can ask questions. I'll connect with your energy, and receive the message you need to hear from spirits. I started to communicate with spirits from a young age. I have a powerful ability to read... I can 100% give u the answers you are looking for.


I am the seventh generation psychic in my family this gift has been in my family for many years I am able to guide you through life�??s difficulties I can connect immediately with you by using the sound of your voice and through one of my spiritual readings you�??re able to find the peace of mind and the answers to all of your questions that you have been searching for Call now I specialize in love and relationship business and finance and all other problems of life

Personal number 7385


Hello my name is Lee, I have been reading for clients from all walks of life for many years, giving insight and guidance into the unseen and unknown. I specialise in relationships, work related issues, I am very grounded and centered in the present moment, we have all been programmed to live our lives listening to the voice in the head, THOUGHT ...but the mind likes to live in either past or future therefore creating repetitive cycles in your life . I can help you break these patterns.