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The universe is full of surprises, even for a psychic like me. I've come to embrace the unpredictability, chaos, and beauty of it all, which has led to profound happiness. I had to learn how to utilize divine guidance, listen to my intuition, and grow from my experiences I've been gradually feeling, seeing, hearing, and dreaming of Spirit since I was a young woman, but I wasn't able to truly understand what I sensed or make practical use of it until later in life.

Personal number 7565


Hi I am very excited for this opportunity. I love to examine people's life and help them explore things that important to them or help them over come something that's weighing on there mind. The future is bright and full of adventures. Many people don't even no what it holds in store for them. I love to help anyone I can to the best of my knowledge.

Personal number 3830


My name is GlowTarot I have been professionally reading Tarot cards for over 20years. However, I have been in touch with my Paychic and Spiritual since my teenager years.I provide guidance in numerous areas such as love,relationships,work and home. I specialise in the Rider Waite Deck using Celtic Cross Spread and I can go in-depth into any questions or situations you desire. I am a great believer of positivity.

Personal number 7803


I am a fifth generation psychic I have been doing readings professionally for over10 years I discovered my gift at the early age of seven my gift was passed down to me from five generations of psychics and they taught me to use my gift to help others I will give you details on all matters of life I am nonjudgmental I am a compassionate yet straightforward psychic I will will tell you how it is If you are confused stuck at a crossroad not sure where to turn I can give you clarity and Direction

Personal number 0108


Hello, I've been a psychic for over six years. I first discovered my abilities in my early teens, when my friend Lori and I were at a wedding together, at one point she looked to me as if she were engulfed by a misty gray cloud or aura. I never said a word about it to anyone, but the next day, I was devastated when my mom told me Lori had died from a sudden illness. Ever since then my gift has developed more, letting me have a better grasp at things.

Personal number 0960


I am a seventh generation first daughter intuitive. From childhood, my mother trained me in the tarot and intuitive astrology, as well as spiritual healing and spellwork. When I hit puberty, my latent ability to see spirit guides began to manifest and as I grew to adulthood, I found that my calling seemed to lie especially within the realm of relationship guidance - both love work and family healings.

Personal number 0915


I have been a professional psychic and spiritual coach since 2009. My style is direct, empowering, comforting, supportive and educational. My readings are based on one's growth, and willingness to change their perception for the better whether it concerns relationships, spiritual insight, life path, stress, or insecurities. Awareness and clarity is my motto because with it comes the power to see through mental or emotional blockages.

Personal number 0669


I have always had a spiritual and astrological connection with with this world, I believe the stars can tell us much about or futures in terms of love, success, relationships and life in general. We all need comfort from somewhere, I believe the stars is where you may find yours.

Personal number 0375