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Hello Loves, My psychic abilities came to me at a very young age. They started as dreams at 5 years old. Ive since focused my life around tarot and pendulum readings. Love and relationships is my specialty. I also love Astrology. I cant wait to hear from you and see what we discover next!

Personal number 9958


My name is Spirit Willow, I have been providing guidance for around 15 yrs now but have always had psychic intuitions, I can help to answer your questions on love, relationships,money and future events. I use angel cards to help guide me in answering your questions. I also use pendulum dowsing in straight yes or no answers, spirit guides, distance crystal healing and rune stones to help you and others close to you. Why not request an indepth reading now, please specify what type you would like.


I don't have a lot of experience under my belt, I do have the elements around me that always show me the answers I'm looking for. I rely on the cards to begin our journey and from there the answers reveal themselves. One must remember though that you don't always get the answers you came seeking, sometimes the cards reveal what you really want to but don't dare ask.

Personal number 7747


I was blessed with the gift of communicating and entertainment. Im able to read a person by just a conversation. I am very funny, chill know how to take u away from all ur stress just by talking to you.

Personal number 2212


I have been mastering my gift since 20 years now this gift has not been taught to me this was naturally born in my family seven generations I learned about my abilities at a very young age when I was in a crowd and I could pick up on many different peoples energies all around me but since then I've learned to master it and help people in so many different ways I am a non-judge mental psychic but I do come to you with an honesty and comfort And clarity thank you

Personal number 0325


I'm an expert with proficiencies in tarot reading, numerology, love relationship, and career and financial advice. I can read and provide insight for you and predict your future love, relationship, and financial life. I can help you choose the right way of your life which will lead you to your destiny.

Personal number 5329


Let me introduce myself I am the answer to your life! My name is MS.London I have been doing spiritual healing and chakra reiki readings and meditation sessions for 49 yrs. I give my word that you will never regret the day you call me. I will astound you with my details about your life and purpose here and find your soulmate love and prosperity in your life. Let me help you find your answers to question that you have been looking for. Is he/she cheating? Do you love me? R U my soulmate?

Personal number 7145


I have always had ESP I am telepathic I am a Reiki practitioner and very sensitive to spirits. I am a healer I have channeled energy on many individuals and through divine power healed their lives and circumstances. I am a spiritual warrior I channel energy against negative spirits and raise the vibrations of any place person or thing through divine guidance. I am One with All.