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I experienced my first premonitive moment as a child. It began with feelings and seeing shadows before it developed into knowing what I couldn't explain. I have actively been helping people find their paths for a year now. Afterall what's better than knowing you can make a diffeence in someone's life

Personal number 1353


Hello! My name's Abby and I've been am eclectic witch for about six years! I love divination with my favorite methods being scrying and cartomancy! I'll be using tarot here! I specialize in single-card spreads, five-card spreads, past-present-future spreads, the horse-shoe spread, and celtic-cross spread. I'd love to help you with any question as best I can with my tarot cards!

Personal number 0520


Hello, Thank you for you interest, and taking your time to look in to me and my works, My name is Radha and I from a long line of Hindi pundits, I am a 5th generational grand daughter, I was born with a divine sprit I want to use my gift to guide you spiritually and mentally, no matter the issue I do specialise in matters of the heart, the things that matter the most to you I can feel and connect to, I always want you to believe in your self and know god is watching you... May God Bless You All.

Personal number 0331


Personal number 8854


I am AngelicSmilez, I have been clairvoyant and clairaudient my entire life and always had the gift to predict and validate events for self and others. I use Tarot cards, pendulum, and energy stones for deeper understanding into the spiritual. I also practice reiki/healing


I'm a em-path and we know things without even trying to know. I can tell if something is bothering you or if you're sad. I can tell if you have a positive energy or negative one. i cannot however give you advice on what i think you should do but i will lead you in the right direction one step at a time.

Personal number 4042


Hello and Blessed Be! My journey started at a very painful time for me. This experience opened my spiritual doors and I discovered my white witchdom and psychic abilities. I have 10 years of personal and professional experience and I specialize in Romantic Relationships, Money Troubles, Holistic healing and answering General Life Questions. I use many different tools guide me during your reading. Prepare for an insightful time with me.

Personal number 4315


Hello out there, my physic experiences started at a very early age. I read people without knowing that that was what I was doing. Sensing the true nature and intentions of those around me. I receive physic information through dreaming, automatic writing, pendulum, and tarot cards. Tapping into the energy of the concern, or question at hand is also a gift that I have.

Personal number 2064