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I work directly with my guides to read your energy. I am able to see what you are aligned with energetically and give you specific guidance on how to manifest what you're after. I've had over 8 years experience giving accurate ebergetic guidance and I want to assist you today.



Hello! I'm Lola I've been practising psychic for a year now and it's a great passion of mine! I've always had a talent of being able to connect with people on a level of extreme understanding and depth and through that I took my skills forward. I'm fun and caring and so easy to speak to, i'd love to hear from you! It would make me so so happy...


I have always been interested in tarot, there is something magical and other-worldly about it. I practice tarot at home, for my family, and I am very good at goving relationship advice.

Personal number 4435


I have been reading for over 15 yrs. I realized my abilities at a very young age and worked consistently to develop them. I am very straightforward and will tell you what I see and feel for you, which at times, may not be what you want to hear. Give me a call today so we may begin our spiritual journey.


Transformative and healing psychic sessions. Welcome to the truth within you. Let me help to reveal more clarity and offer guidance for your highest outcome. I am a born healer and psychic with ability to help you heal your past and present of anything that is in disharmony in your life. I have been actively doing healing and psychic work for 14+ years. Let's journey together for your healing and transformation! Peace be with you.

Personal number 5007


I've been a natural empath all my life. I have dreams and outer body experiences all the time. I'm positive I can guide you on the correct path in your life. Let me use my tarot cards and spirit guides to give you the answers you're seeking. With over 15 years as a reader I'm able to help you reach your goals and dreams and guide you from the unknown. I specialize in love, career and general readings. Contact me as I'm ready to help you in anyway possible.


I started reading tarot, oracle, angel and spirit animal cards about 5 years ago. I am also a clairaudient (I hear my psychic answers), clairsentient (I feel what the answer is) and clairvoyant (I see what the answer is). I can use all of these gifts together to give accurate answers to questions you have. I am also developing my mediumship abilities and will be able to offer those soon. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, so I can provide distance healing to those in need.

Personal number 4462