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With 20 years experience, I will do my best to provide you with an authentic, honest and accurate reading I work on a soul level. Ask me about Career, Love, relationships, dream interpretation and psychic development. My Extended Readings are AMAZING! Spirit guidance is truly magical & eye opening. I give a clearer understanding of your life to help with the bumps and knocks. I will attempt to clear your energetic field, so that you leave me much lighter.

Personal number 9755


Life is a beautiful journey full of love and happy moments. Sometimes though, it seems something blocks our path. It can seem like nothing ever goes our way, or we may feel like we will never be happy again. IT doesn't have to be that way. I'm Daisy Rain. I am an intuitive empath that can help you discover what's blocking your path so you can face it, understand it, and continue on the beautiful path you deserve to be on.

Personal number 7180


Hey, I'm dusty and I am an experienced psychic and clairvoyant. I work with spirit in all I do. I was taught the traditional gypsy way of reading by a true Romany gypsy lady. I am and here to listen to bring enlightenment and clarity into your situations, so whether it be love/relationships career, family, opportunities, personal situations or you just feel you are stuck, I am here to assist in a caring, empathetic, non-judgemental and relaxing manner, and I am very friendly and approachable.

Personal number 1285


Receive Insight On Your Love Life & Marriage with Timeframes. If you have questions about your love life, that you need answered. Contact me today. Specialties: Love/Relationships, Relationship Issues, Breakups/Divorce, Infidelity, Soul Mate & Twin Flames. Skills & Methods Used: Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Intuition, Connects With Spirit Guides, Energy Reading, Prayer & Spiritual Healing & Tarot.

Personal number 1344


I've been reading tarot now for over 6 years. I'm an Intuitive/Empath and Tarot Reader. Using my natural abilities along with the cards, I will work to help you through your problems and find peace of mind. I do one, three, and five card spreads, I DO NOT predict the future, I simply use the cards and my natural ability to connect to you and help you to find what is the best course of action.

Personal number 5949


MAGICAL MARIA here,hello to everyone,it is with deep regret that Im having to message you urgently.Im away from today until Monday.Im truly sorry about this with all my heart.Im going into hospital so all prayers would be much appreciated.I will of course be praying for you all-none of you are out of my mind daily.Sorry for unanswered messages.I pray that I will hear from you Monday & don't lose contact.Unanswered messages will be refunded.Please keep in contact.LOVE,LIGHT,HUGS.XX

Personal number 1697


I am a 5th generation Psychic with over 10 years experience. I am able to tap into the other realm and connect with the angels to offer advice and guidance. I can offer advice on love and relationships,finance as well as many other areas of your life. I can offer an indepth reading to most areas of your concern.

Personal number 7352


Hi there I am Lady Mogwa, I have been doing Tarot readings for 23 years. I was taught the art of Tarot by a true Romany Gypsy who was a friend of my mum's. I am also a Certified Clairvoyant and Psychic and will be able to give you messages from loved one's who have passed on or messages from your Angels and Spirit Guide. I specialise in Love and Relationships.

Personal number 6263