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I'm Levi, an easy going listener with the wisdom to guide and advise when needed. Sometimes a fresh perspective with new energy focus can open up new paths available.

Personal number 9767


I am a unique psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I provide insight and knowledge and bring forward the details about your future, your past and your current situation and surroundings. I also work with my spirit guide so rest assure once connected you will gain full understanding during your reading. You truly deserve this information and knowledge about your life. Connecting you with past loved ones, you will feel comfortable in knowing and connection.

Personal number 7283


I am a reader of Tarot and Angel cards and also use the Pendulum for that total insight Specialising in love romance marriage and family relationships Call me today let me give you help understanding with total honesty

Personal number 6716


Hi, nice to be acquainted with you. I'm a psychic medium and also have an active working relationship with the angelic realms. I have always been close to the universal energies and was born "this way". I'd love nothing more than to hear from you. Whether it be a general reading or if you need guidance on a particular issue, then I'm your man. I'm a clear seer, hearer, knower, senser and feeler. I receive these messages from the collective group of my guides, known to me as "the healing team".

Personal number 0642


Hello! I have been doing readings for ten yrs now I use Tarot, Gypsy and Angel cards as they are great tools for helping us to gain clarity and shining a light through any confusion. I focus my readings on providing guidance, clarity and empowerment for you, I believe that our actions shape our future and outcome of some situations and I feel blessed to be able to guide and help others on their life path and help them achieve a positive outcome. God Bless

Personal number 4873


I am an empath, with a great listening ability and psychic abilities I initially suppressed as a child. I have experience with knowledge of self and sex and am non judgemental. Now I know of the hurt I can heal and the hearts I can guide... Welcome :)

Personal number 5705


Gifted Psychic, Life Coach, Angel Card reader/healer, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, Counselor Certified, I am compassionate and friendly to talk to. I feel what you feel and ready to answer all of your questions and concerns you may have. Are you ready to talk with me? You will be comfortable in connecting with me. Heavens gifted me wisdom and love to give others. You can rely on me for positive and comforting advice. If online give me a call. If offline message me.

Personal number 6243


Hello, I'm Zinnia - tarot/oracle card reader, charm caster, angelic realm practitioner and crystal worker. Your reading will revolve around the cards drawn but my other skills are readily available where relevant. Distant healing and blessings offered for you or another. Too busy to chat? Email readings promptly prepared too! x

Personal number 3620