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I discovered my psychic abilities at a young age but I did not realize what they meant until a later time in my life. This is when I fully embraced my abilities and I have been actively using them for a couple of years now.


Since I was a child, I was always sensitive and empathic to the people around me, but in my early 20's was when I really started to embrace it and have gut feelings about things going to happen. I then started using different oracle cards to help me. Twenty years later, I've found that my abilities work best through the use of Vedic Astrology and The Runes.


Hello all I offer angel readings and tarot readings and I also can get messages from spirit and do see things too hope to speak to a few of you soon... And give you that little peace of mind on what going on or what's going to happen


The fractal relationship between the celestial bodies and our daily lives are connected. People in astrology have a basic saying: As above so is below. I will provide personal insights, answers, predictions and advice and help you find your way and understand the intricate workings at play in the world and around you. Your life will become much better once you understand that there are some things out of your control, and can differentiate between those that you do have control over. I can help.



As a psychic reader, I have dedicated my life to helping others find their true path in life, and create and maintain productive relationships. Navigating life can be difficult without spiritual guidance. I use tarot and oracle to provide others with guidance to discover their inner feelings and desires. Helping others improve the relationships in their life and make the right decisions to improve their life is my true calling.


Hi ! I always considered myself as a moonchild. A have a very good instinct and a psychic talent that comes from my grandmother. Hope I will be of some help in whatever you need.

Personal number 1861


I was born with a gift of clairvoyant, and as i grew older studied and learned more about my abilities to offer the best insight to my clients. I walk a spiritual path daily to always understand the true spirituality of love and importance of the soul being commited to another. Where life sometimes will give you many options on what paths to walk I can ensure you that I can put you on the right path. Through prayer, meditation and my insight you will view life in way you did not think possible.