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I am Tula. I have practiced tarot for over 10 years. I even studied metaphysics, philosophy, and spirituality in college. Combining Vedic astrology with tarot readings is my specialty. I will reveal your inner light and help you understand your karma.

Personal number 0134


I'm born gifted,With over 25 years of exp . Time Frames & ability to see your life as a video with matching your destiny like Numbers, colors, and energies combined guided carefully with your Guardian Angels & my Spirit guides to fully focus on The best calculation to your outcome. I will be able to calculate the destiny with you in a potential relationship partner. I am able to tell you if you are gifted and have psychic abilities. Be guided on decisions with a GUARDIAN ANGEL on your shoulder

Personal number 2542


Hi, even though relationships seem to be very difficult, it is up to us to correct our point of view. Passion and eroticism should not be seen, but perceived with the senses of body, mind and heart. I can make you feel the feelings of love that starts first from yourself and then can be projected towards other people. Don't feel lonely, the passion will make you feel full and will make you burst with all the emotions you need to get rid of.

Personal number 7361


Hi my name is Stella I am a born gifted psychic. Professionally reading people for over 10 years. I am honest and very detailed on what is revealed to me. Connecting with your spirit guides I will be able to tap into your energy and reveal past, present and future outcomes. We have the power to redirect our paths with knowledge of our future. Allow me to help answer your hearts most concerning desires. Love & Prayers Stella

Personal number 6249


I have been practicing in divination since I was 12years old I knew I was different from everyone else I saw things differently I felt things differently. I do birth charts,horoscopes, tarot readings, and tea leaves,wax readings and palm readings as well.

Personal number 4364


TOC: This is a test account. Do not try to contact me as you may lose your credits. Please choose real Psychic to talk to.

Personal number 5395


Please do not send requests or questions to this account. If you have any questions or problems, please use the "contact us" option in the settings section of the app. Psychics Live TV admin Team


Personal number 9841