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Ive studied mystic sciences abroad for over a decade. I discovered my abilities from a woman I ended up marrying

Personal number 3456


Hello my Dears! I am Sinead and I can't wait to chat with you! I am an Empath which means I have a very strong understanding of your emotions. If you ever need any one to just chat who totally understands how you are feeling then I am your gal ;) Need advice? Want to know what your future holds? Or maybe you just want to hear your horoscope? Either way I am sure you will enjoy our chat just as much as I will! Much love- Sinead

Personal number 2790


I am a true gifted 5th generation natural are you confused unhappy and depressed? Do you need help finding your soulmate or making a career change? Or are you just fed up with the way life has been treating you? One call with me can and will change your life specializes Tarot cards readings on past present future love life business marriage friends family health and much more I am a spiritual healer with 20 years experience call me now you will not be disappointed

Personal number 2832


The way that I connect with my callers is by receiving impressions and messages through my natural psychic senses in all their forms. Using those natural psychic ability and guidance creates a soothing session that provides insight into our selves, situations as well as the people around us. At times, even when we are in tune with our intuitions, we need an unbiased and non-judgmental psychic source to guide us in what we sense, so that we can move forward on our chosen path with confidence.

Personal number


I am a gifted intuitive psychic with almost thirty years of experience. Currently I work with crystals, a pendulum and intuitively. I also read tarot and oracle.

Personal number


sweet smart funny im a open book you can talk to me and anything and i mean anything no matter how hard it is

Personal number 0138


Hello, I'm Alex. I am an empath, and I always felt like I was little bit magical.Through tarot, I improved my life, I enhanced my intuitive abilities, and I found my calling. Tarot is my passion. I am solely focused on expanding my abilities by helping others through tarot. I can provide the guidance and answers you need regarding love & relationships, family, emotional healing, career, and more. I will always provide you with honest answers and a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment.

Personal number 7661


I'm a 4th generation psychic as well as certified life coach & have helped people from all over the world. Channeling is also something I offer. I have the ability to see and feel what others are thinking to give clarity. I'm very passionate about helping others and have helped thousands over the last 20 years with my abilities. Please come to me with an open mind and ready to hear the truth be it good or bad. I'd love to help give you guidance, clarity & peace of mind that you deserve.

Personal number 1472