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Hello, I am Zariyah. I am a empath with a compassionate ear and heart who is always willing to assist you with all matters that arise that need clarity and guidance. Let me help you get the answers and reassurance you seek. I will use my natural gift as well as the use of my tarot, angel and oracle cards with the aid of my spirit guide.


Intuitive and spiritual, a natural mind-reader. Can sense energies and how and what people are thinking. Experienced motivational speaker, Influential and amicable. I can help with anything spiritual, just give me a message!


Since I was in high school I have been ready tarot and have always felt like I had an intuitive spirit. I have been studying and practicing for about 8 years. I specialize in tarot card readings that touch on love, sex, relationships, finances, health, and overall life choices. Let me help guide you throughout the most difficult things we all have to deal with at some point or another.


Hello my name is Harper I am a 3rd generation God gifted psychic I have been a psychic clairvoyant Empath remote viewer for over 18 years. I use my gift to help you see more clearer with clarity and guidance. My job is to help you with all the answers you seek. Pushing away all negativity and going to a positive straight path to success in your desire. No problem is too big or to small for guidance. I am a friendly none judge mental straight to the point.


Hello I'm jessiej and I work with angel cards. I'm a intuitive psychic agony aunt. A psychic reading from me will guide you towards your destiny in love, relationships and business.


I've always had a very spiritual intake, ever since I can remember. My whole family are all very spiritual and we can all read tarot, and communicate with the other side. I've been especially interested in tarot reading for the past 11 years and bring very accurate meaningful readings to people's lives whether they are after answers or reassurance from a higher source, I am here to help. Come and have a chat with me now.


Master in Psychology Certified Psychic Counselor Certified in Tarot Reading A genuine Clairvoyant Certified Astrologer Certified Numerologist Spiritual Counselor and a ordained minister I have my own psychic shop for over 20 years


Descendant of Creole Africans that has practiced tarot readings for my entire adult life. The spirit of my ancestors and the Gods of the old country help me to see messages that are unclear to many people who are desensitized to these energies. Using tarot and a set of divination bones blessed by my ancestors, I can give you a meaningful reading.