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Thank you for taking a look at my profile. I am a Natural Born Intuitive and Healer. As I become older I started to use my gift to help many people all around the world find their path and give them insight with accurate information. I am also very sensitive to energies and I am able to channel and tune into your situation by connecting to a name or situation. I have a sense of 'knowing' that can come over me during our session. I Look forward too working with you .

Personal number 3728


I'm here to listen to you talk to you and guide you. I may not have all the answers I can assure you you'll feel better as long as we keep in touch. My zodiac sign is a cancer if you've met one then you've met me

Personal number 9954


Hi there, nice to connect with you. I'm a natural born psychic medium with a lifelong love of the Angels and work with my team of spiritual helpers to be a channel through which love, light, peace and healing flow from the universe to you. It would be an honour to serve you. For the best service I'd recommend an in-depth reading as that's where I thrive best.

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Hello,and welcome to my profile! My name is TheMysticAngel. I am a natural clairsentience. I can pick up feelings and vibrations surrounding you. I use tarot as my main method to read into your life,giving clear and accurate messages. I have been reading for the public for around 7 years. I completely understand that every reading is important to the client and very personal. I enjoy being able to give people clear insight on personal situations,love,relationships and jobs. Thank you!

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Highly rated, no-nonsense certified tarot reader, helping you to transform in life, love or business using lessons from spirit. Whatever it is that you are going through, things will get better.... Whether you are having a reading for the first time or have experience seeking spiritual guidance, I will approach each case with love and light, ensuring that you leave with a positive and motivated feeling as you welcome new changes into your life.

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i started my psychic abilites when i was younger im 30 and i know all about love and relationships and im really good at tarot so what ever you need to know just ask and i will let you know everything

Personal number 9335


You have questions my ancient soul guides have the answers and I will use their voices to guide you in your life. I can see all emotions and energy's from you & partner and situation. One question is all you need for all to be answered. What I will need is Your Date Of Birth & Name Your Love Interest(s) Name & Date Of Birth Your Question I will tell you what He/she is wanting from you, if they are interested! I can tell you if you are soulmates, twin flame or just a connection!

Personal number 1725


I'm fairly young, but I've always been intuned to spirits. I don't have a Tarot set yet, but I do know how to read them. I feel that people don't need someone to lie and tell them that they can hear spirits talk to them, I surely don't. However, I can feel their energy and try to channel it into our chats.

Personal number 3508