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Hi, My name is Angelique, I practice the cards readings. I can help you for some guidance using the cards if you need to have an answer about love, work, health etc.. I also practice the law of attraction and believe a positive energy will attract positive things in your life. I will be delighted to help you to feel better in your life :)


My abilities appeared when I was very small, as I was raised in a fairly magical household. I first picked up on it by seeing spirits around our farm, and then was taught tarot and crystal magic by my Grandmother. I like to pride myself in using playing cards more for my readings, but occasionally use my tarot and angel cards as well. Either way I'm blessed with a gift and am thrilled to share it. Love and Light from this Mama!

Personal number 1935


Hello I have been in touch with my spiritual side for many years. I believe in the power of spiritual healing. Feeling down or have low self worth call me together we are strong. I can guide you to tranquility. If you just want to talk or need guidance i am here for you.


I practiced astrology for many years before I realized that this is my vocation, and this is what I want to do in life. I can help create harmonious relationships with any zodiac sign, minimize disagreements and teach me how to live in harmony with myself and the outside world

Personal number 3570


I am a empathic energy reader and good at tuning in to feelings and emotions. Let me guide your future..

Personal number 1238


The way that I connect with my callers is by receiving impressions and messages through my natural psychic senses in all their forms. Using those natural psychic ability and guidance creates a soothing session that provides insight into our selves, situations as well as the people around us. At times, even when we are in tune with our intuitions, we need an unbiased and non-judgmental psychic source to guide us in what we sense, so that we can move forward on our chosen path with confidence.


Personal number 1624


Im 28 years old and I hope to have the opportunity to give you a reading about yourself . I have 10 years of experience in reading many people. I am a natural born psychic and an advisor, with strong ability. I can tell past, present, & future. Would you like to hear the truth about your relationship? Are their trust issues with your significant other? Does this relationship have a future? I specialize in love and relationships, spiritual and career. I give a 100% to all my readings.

Personal number 0898