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Have known since I was little that I was special. Could always sense things others couldn't. Can always tell you how a relationship will turn, what your signs are saying today, and even more. Message me to find out the special abilities.

Personal number 5888


I come a long line of female psychics with intuitive abilities. I would like to assist clients find insight into their situations using visions and the tarot cards. I use a combination of tarot cards, and the narrative contained in the cards, along with my own visions and impressions of what is happening. I can also connect, at times, with spirits, and this spirit contact usually takes the form of visions, in which the spirit attempts to make contact through visual references.

Personal number 6599


You can call me SmartGem, I am a young psychic from Texas with five years of experience under my belt and I specialize in Tarot readings, advice in Love and Relationships, and Astrology.

Personal number 9212


I would not consider myself to be psychic but I have a lot of good advice to lend to people. I have been through a lot of emotion termoil and can help people work through anything they may be going through.

Personal number 2771


Hello my name is Shay I am a gifted psychic and that received my gift has a very young child I was born with one purpose in this world and that was to help other people in love life and happiness I am world-renowned in the area of tarot cards if you have any questions please feel free to ask

Personal number 9929


I have been able to pinpoint who a person is, what makes them tick, through knowing their star sign. Whenever I share my insights with these people, they always feel like someone understands them, someone is listening. I have loads of experience with love and romance. Tell me everything. I am here to guide you through all life experiences.

Personal number 7978


I have worked as a psychic over 25 years. My readings are accurate, caring and above all, give the client hope and tools for creating the life they want. I use Tarot, Spirit guides, of A Course in Miracles & other spiritual practices to not only give you an accurate reading of where you're at now, but tools to manifest joy, love, abundance and peace! I combine my reading with not only giving the client a clear reading, but equipping them with hands-in tools that are life-changing.

Personal number 8780


I have been reading energy and healing with it most of my life. Consciously, I started to heal with my hands as a young child. When I was 22 I went through formal clairvoyant and hands on healing (and going through massage school) training at a seminary for two years and specialized in working with women during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I now specialize in recognizing and reading energies of Physical and mental illness, abuse, and seeing steps needed to heal and end suffering.