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I've had a gift since I was really little. I have provided tarot card readings as well as being able to connect to spirit guides. I specialise in love and relationship guidance and healing.

Personal number 6116


Personal number


Hello men and women I am here to be your all knowing eyes. Need advice or someone to talk to? I can be that companion. I'm young and full of vibrancy ready to connect with you

Personal number 4223


Hello my name is Teresa I am a gifted natural born psychic shaman healer and advisor I will use all my abilities to help you through all of life hurdles that may be coming toward you right now whether it be in love a career in finance no matter what you may need guidance I will use all my abilities and all my guys to help you find your true happiness I am here to help I have top thousands of people around the world throughout my career now let it be your turn

Personal number


Hi I am Kadi. I have been a Tarot reader for more than 20 years. I am passionate about my readings for every person. I am also bless with gifts that go beyond the ability to focus on card readings. I receive messages from corporal and non corporal energies. I am a healer by birth.

Personal number 5918


I've always had channeling abilities. But it is now after working with Moldavite that I've begun to do intuitive readings, automatic writing, channeling sessions, chakra and aura readings.

Personal number 0385


We can talk about anything you like, I'm here to listen and help you with any love frustrations and heal you to relief

Personal number 0171


Ever since I was little I have known I had a gift. I would see and hear things others could not. I then found at a young age that I could talk to someone and see inside perspectives of their life. I can help guide them through anything that they may be going through! Love, careers, or help with spirits. I'm here for you no matter what you may need.

Personal number 7932