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I've been a physical medium for the past 7 years. I like to help people who are looking for guidance.


Hi, I'm Taylor Winters I'm 4th Generation Psychic Advisor Love specialist soulmate advisor and Sprtiual life coach I been doing readings professionally for 12 years I am Mastor tarot reader palm reader and love counselor


My Goddess, Luna, bestowed upon me a gift. Through the spiritual communication, that is better know as a reading, I am able to hear the guardian's words of guidance. I first noticed my gift of sight at the age of 5. The gift appeared to me in dream form. As I grew older I began to truly embrace it and listen. I have been in the practice of reading for 6 years now. My whole goal is not to show you what you may want to hear, rather to show you what you need to hear.


Hi I'm psychic Destiny I have been a psychic since the past 25 years I've been helping and guiding people since the age of nine years old I discovered I was a Psychic when I predicted the death of my grandfather at the age of nine so since then I've been helping and guiding people through life's journey I know it's hard I know you want to find the answers that you need that you deserve that you've been searching and seeking for I am here to give you those answers come with me on a journey


All my life have i been learning to to undererstand whats paths lie ah dead of others, I enjoy reading what the cards can tell


I am a 23 year old young girl who hasn't been doing tarot readings long but has had nothing but good feedback on all the readings i have done i might not work in the most common way that others do but i believe that guidance comes in different forms so you must listen to that to get the best reading!


We all want to find out the answers to life's questions - be they about love or work or money or family. It is human nature, after all. I can help answer some of those questions for you. I have always been able to read people well, to hear what they are not saying out loud, and to help them find out those answers. I have been reading tarot cards for years; I started when I was a teenager and continued when I discovered the affinity that I had for it and how much I loved it. I am hear to listen .


I'm a lady with great senses,I believe I can tell a lot about people through there birthday and voice,I can predict most things using my mind power as I've done to a lot of people and I was correct. I'm a very mysterious woman so do try me and let's work out the future for better.