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I offer very accurate and fast readings with no information NEEDED. I'm an intuitive healer. These gifts are deeply rooted to the essence of why I am here. I am here to educate, inform, heal and serve humanity. I may work with divination, astrology, oracle cards, and tarot. But always work with clairvoyance abilities. If you need spiritual guidance in a situation, contact me for direction. If you need answers and healing, contact me for liberation.

Personal number 7395


With over 17 years of experience, I guide others through life issues, such as love affairs, marriage, relationships, family, and divorce. My spiritual intuitions and expertise will help guide through life's journeys. My readings are direct, honest, intuitive and clear. No sugar coating here, Don't lose another night's sleep or shed another tear wondering about that special someone or questioning whether they are your soul mate. My mission is to assist people lead balanced, happy, lives.

Personal number 8568


Hello friends and a warm welcome! A little about me... I have been sensitive to the energies around me for as long as I can remember. I often find myself helping people, and I am happy to provide clarity, healing and peace where I can.

Personal number 7004


Hello my name is Lee, I have been reading for clients from all walks of life for many years, giving insight and guidance into the unseen and unknown. I specialise in relationships, work related issues, I am very grounded and centered in the present moment, we have all been programmed to live our lives listening to the voice in the head, THOUGHT ...but the mind likes to live in either past or future therefore creating repetitive cycles in your life . I can help you break these patterns.

Personal number 0187


LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS IS WHAT I DO BEST! I want to Keep Couples Together but I will ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH! All my life I have been a considered an ANGEL to people that I encounter and I have HELPED and HEALED many from their present and past hurts! I am here to HELP LEAD & GUIDE YOU on the issues and burning questions that matter to you the most. If you feel that you received some value from me then you should definitely consider my HEALING PROGRAM as well where I can be more help to you!

Personal number 8900


hello im camila, im a russian psychic, i self taught myself and at a young age knew i has a extra sense, my advice is only my thoughts doesnt always mean its correct, im here to listen and lean what i dont know.

Personal number 8997


I'm Darcy, and I'm a 35 year old clairvoyant specializing mostly in intimate relationships. Is your love written in the stars?

Personal number 1473


I am a psychic, palm and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience providing my service to my clients from all over the world I am able to use my tarot cards to provide accurate Predictions and guidance to any and all questions you have