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Hi ! I always considered myself as a moonchild. A have a very good instinct and a psychic talent that comes from my grandmother. Hope I will be of some help in whatever you need.

Personal number 1861


I was born with a gift of clairvoyant, and as i grew older studied and learned more about my abilities to offer the best insight to my clients. I walk a spiritual path daily to always understand the true spirituality of love and importance of the soul being commited to another. Where life sometimes will give you many options on what paths to walk I can ensure you that I can put you on the right path. Through prayer, meditation and my insight you will view life in way you did not think possible.


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Am experienced but have worked mostly with family and close friends that I know. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my gifts with the world. I don't believe in being greedy. Everyone needs help at some point. Am always available


Want to know the future of your relationship? Need help deciding what to do about a big decision? I'll help by focusing on you and using my ability to find out the future. Raised in the south, my gift was passed down from generation to generation. Dream interpretation is also a gift I have developed over the years.


I'm a newer practitioner who ignored my gifts for many years. I'm an empath with skills for feeling what others are feeling as deeply as they do. I enjoy helping others work through their demons in whatever way that I can.


I have been a psychic for 9 years, I noticed my powers when I was in middle school, I love to help people!


I believe that my abilities go beyond intuition when It comes to love. I can help you sort out your romantic troubles. Let me guide you on your journey to love, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment.