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Are you struggling with a tough decision? The Universe has brought you here for a reason. Let's figure it out! Readings will be done from the Thoth tarot card deck that I have been using for about two years now. No question is too personal for me, so don't be shy. I'd love to help guide you on your journey.

Personal number 4030


In tune with Source and grateful for the gifts bestowed upon me. I share these gifts with you for the betterment of our hearts. Connect with me if you want to successfully navigate your way through this existence. Resolve the issues you may have relating to love and relationships, finances, family and all else in between with confidence that you are travelling along the right path. In my tool bag I have light, love, cards, crystals and a strong connection to source. Lets journey!

Personal number 0513


I knew I was different at a young age wasn't sure exactly until I was a little older. I know and understand everything happens for a reason. I see things in my life happening before they do and I am able to stop them if that makes sense. I have been helping people for years but started reading cards a couple years ago. Reading cards is my passion and I want to use my passion to help souls like mine. Life is all about figuring it all out, then we realize we just have to figure some more.

Personal number 1506


Holistic Helen: I have been practising for over 10 years! I offer a healing holistic reading. I use a range of cards and crystals to fulfill my readings. I'm an honest person who believes in positive energies, chakras and mother nature.

Personal number 2119


Hello! My name is Madame Lola LaSalle. I was born in New Orleans, and raised by my great grandmother, who was a devout student of the traditions of African Diaspora, including the study of Voodoo and the cultural rituals surrounding it. As a child, I was aware of a sensitivity I had for the human spirit, but as I've grown into an adult, I have learned that my areas of expertise include astrology, palmistry, numerology, and an emotional connection to the ever evolving houses of the cosmos.

Personal number 4603


I am a natural born psychic. Also I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, Reiki Master. I am here to guide you with clear accurate information to help you with your journey through life. I connect with your energy very quickly and with crystal clear connection I can give you the answers you seek. I look forward to the joy of reading for you.

Personal number


I have been in touch with my spiritual side for as long as i remember. I special in past present and future tarot, and astrology.

Personal number 0931


Are you tired of picking the wrong love partners? Feel like you are doing everything right but keep getting let down? I have 7 years experience helping make love connections for those who truly want to find a deep love. Stop wasting time on dating apps and let me help you find the path to a real soul connection!

Personal number 4457