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Have been in love, cheated on, dumped, obsessed over. Experienced love from both a man and a woman. Most of your questions i can most certaintly answer. Im here for you. Let me help you. I appreciate your time.

Personal number 7853


I enjoy being able to have a positive and optimistic impact on Clients lives, and really enjoy using my gifts to get to the root of problems. I have natural empathy and can provide solid advice, guidance and belief so that I can empower Clients and they can shape their own destiny. I use tarot, clairvoyant, spiritualism and my intuition. I began my journey in the world of mind, body and spirit at a young age.

Personal number 2448


have you been feeling lost, confused, hopeless, overwhelmed by life's challenging obstacles, unsure where you're life's path is heading? i bring light and clarity to those who are struggling to overcome these stressful situations by tapping into my clairvoyance and looking into your future to lead you onto making the right decisions. i am compassionate and understanding, you will feel welcomed and relieved by contacting me today for a better tomorrow. love and light, psychichealer

Personal number 6158


We all need spiritual help, at times, and I would like to be there to help support you when you need it. I'm an empathetic judgement-free diviner who is welcoming of all people (provided they have a good heart). I can do readings about every day matters, but I have a particular affinity for personal growth and empowerment.

Personal number 0869


I use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses. I performs acts that are inexplicable by natural laws. I've been doing this for about a year . If you would like to know more about me talk to me

Personal number 0035


Astrology defines who you are as a Individual.the stars have so much to tell you if you are willing to learn.That follows by love and relationships, if that's where your next question is let me help you get a better understanding

Personal number 5986


TOC: This is a test account. Do not try to contact me as you may lose your credits. Please choose real Psychic to talk to.

Personal number 5395


I'm born gifted,With over 25 years of exp . Time Frames & ability to see your life as a video with matching your destiny like Numbers, colors, and energies combined guided carefully with your Guardian Angels & my Spirit guides to fully focus on The best calculation to your outcome. I will be able to calculate the destiny with you in a potential relationship partner. I am able to tell you if you are gifted and have psychic abilities. Be guided on decisions with a GUARDIAN ANGEL on your shoulder

Personal number 2542