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A down to earth Medium. Specialising in Aura readings, working with colours of the Aura. Which allows one to work on a Mediumship level.

Personal number 6186


I first discovered I had an ability many years ago as I came across an old Gypsie lady who told me I had many abilities and had what they called the 3rd eye to see and present a future that was unknown by anyone else, I also have had experience from the non living who once presented to me a smile of good will and I've been able to sense a different side to any other, I have dreams that have come true on a few occasions and also a nature to see forward a presence that hasn't happened yet


Are you living your BEST life? If you didnt immediately say yes, you are in the right place. I have been doing complete numerology charts, reading tarot & Oracle cards, and acting as a spiritual advisor for almost 20 years. I can offer answers to your deepest ?'s, most upsetting fears, and figure out if u r on the right track. A quick 1 to 3 card reading, one of my several full spreads, or getting answers to all in your chart, you will begin to feel more peaceful, contented, and unburdened.


Hello all, my name is IvyJane and I have had psych abilities since I was a young girl, although I have never used them for anything. I'm excited to use them for your good and mine, to hone in on my skills. I look forward to hearing for you!


My name is Zinnia! I offer healing & growth readings and techniques to encourage, empower and reprogram the body, mind & spirit using Astrology, Moonology, Numerology, Psychology, Tarot, Crystals, Frequencies and Diet to remediate and strengthen your connection with yourself. Give me a call to hear what messages Spirit has for you!


I am a practising Astrologer. My specialities are casting natal charts, and forecasting using transits and secondary progressions. I can use Astrology to assist in career, finance and relationships. Prior to practising I studied the subject in depth and gave informal readings for fifteen years. I was hooked from day one and have been fascinated ever since. My clients do indicate that they find my readings to be deep and empathic.

Personal number 4384


I'm really connected to the spiritual world and will love to bring you all the answers you've been seeking, love. I will be your guide.


Welcome to your Rainbow Reading. I am a medium clairvoyant and clairsentient. I am a rainbow reader because I connect to a large spectrum of spirits. My specialties are angel messages, crystal messages, ancestor messages, chakra readings and more. My readings assist you in removing blocks in order to reach your highest desired path in life.