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I am a psychic and empath who has a passion for Astrology and helping people. I can often feel what others around me are feeling and pick up on their energies and often have premonitions due to my high level of intuition. I am here to listen and offer advice on relationships/work/life based on the energy I receive from you and your personality. I also do Angel and Tarot Card readings as well as Astrological profiles. I look forward to meeting you and having a meaningful chat!

Personal number 0428


My way of reading has shocked many, Because My accuracy level is extremely high! The tarot cards are my forte; not only did I Feel connected to them as a child, but the cards also speak to me. I also posses three of the Major intuitive Abilities: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) Claircognizance (clear knowing) The three combined allows me to pick up on Almost anything, Allowing me to Guide you in the right direction, and help You reach your highest potential.

Personal number 5456


My mother handed me a set of ancient Gypsy cards and said to me that it is my turn to use the gift of fortune telling. The pack of cards have been in the hands of three generation gypsy fortune tellers for over 100 years across Europe. The cards talk to me. As I read I will help you see the light! Being a gipsy man i will be useful when you want to understand the men in your life.

Personal number 3957


I have been speaking to people about healing for over 5 years. I have an intuit spirit that comes from within. I have helped over 1000 people with inner healing and happiness. I am the guru of happiness

Personal number 9812


I'm Bri and I'm 25 years old. I believe I developed my abilities at a young age when I realized my dad was hiding something from me and I knew it was a woman. I can tell many things by reading the aura of someone else. I can tell whats going on in their life. What they need and what they want, and how they are going to get it.

Personal number 0729


I have been in touch with my spiritual side for as long as i remember. I special in past present and future tarot, and astrology.

Personal number 0931


I am a 4th generation born gifted psychic reader & advisor With over 16 years of experience Helping people in all matters of life

Personal number 4169


I always knew I had a gift to know more that meets the eye. I read your energy, I am a channel to advise you. I am a soulful messenger, guiding light and eternal optimist. DEDICATED TO HELPING YOU ... RAISE YOUR ENERGY RAISE YOUR VIBRATION RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS

Personal number 0343