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I am a psychology major and want to get practice listening to people's problems. I would love to be an empathetic ear and also try to give solutions! :) I am nice and this will be cheaper than going to an office. How convenient for you!

Personal number 9596


Love and relationships is my speciality. I have been given this gift and would like to share it with others. I have been doing this for a while and have been very accurate when it comes to relationships love and sex. I do this for family and friends all the time and thought I should explore my talents


Hello Starlings! My name is Shay and I specialize in love cards, Astrology, energy healing/reiki, metasymbology, spirit guide/angel readings, and the use of these combined to RESTORE YOUR LIGHT. Stress, heartbreak, and loss can wear us down on a spiritual level causing emotional discontent and physical symptoms. Whether you need your energetic body restored after loss or emotional trauma, or just want answers to your most important questions, it would be my pleasure to connect with you..

Personal number 8871


Stuck? Need to know the best way to handle a situation? Want to know if they are cheating on you? I can help answer the tough questions. Let me call on my gifts and my 7 years experience to assist you to make it through the tough parts of life. Let's chat. You won't be disappointed.

Personal number 5506


I was younger when I realized I was able to see and hear things that others couldn't. But my family was against it so I let it go. But in recent years I became quite ill and couldn't hold down a job for too long. I was told by my guides that I need to follow the correct career for me using my natural gifts of helping people. So I began in my home town helping the people around me.

Personal number 9254


I have been pyshic since i was a child. I have praticed for over 4vyears.i specalize. In relationships and career related inquires.


From the moment we greet each other I am trying to connect with your energy. I find that most people prefer the tarot so I automatically add this source with my natural ability to make the most of the answer you are seeking. Sometimes the answer is simple and you may already know it. I never give my personal advice so, if it sounds as though I am doing this, just know that readings do not always off some deep epiphany. Often times the answer or advisement is right in front of you.

Personal number 2770


Experienced Reiki Healer. High intuition, well grounded psychic. Here to bring you closure. Contact me

Personal number 0889