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I specialize in astrology, and can advise in love, money, career and friendship questions. Anything you doubt just ask.

Personal number 7941


A child of the moon. Empath, healer, psychic. Deep connection to the Earth, Moon and Stars. Open your heart and mind to me and I will reveal what is to come to you. Come to me for blessings, information on healing herbs and rituals, insight into the future, past lives, relationships and astrological readings.

Personal number 9284


I have what you call a sixth sense. I have always known things or felt things, since a very young age. Don't be afraid I leave all judgement at the door. Expect blessings, lights, and clarity when we chat. Be prepared for the real thing when entering my chat room. See you soon.

Personal number 5884


I have over 19 years of experience . My Specialties are Tarot Cards Astrology and My Spirit Guides help me to get you on the right path of life ... All matters of Life will be answer threw one reading .. Love Money , Career and Relationships


My name is Stella & I have known about my abilities since I was 5 years old. My mother was born in the Philippines, & in her village her mother was known as Corazon the Eye... she saw many things. People came to her for advice & help. She was born with her clairvoyant, medium & empath abilities, & she became skilled in Tarot, palm reading, numerology, birth charting, & astrology. She passed these skills down to her daughters, & my mother passed them to me. I get great joy from helping others.

Personal number 0195


I discovered I was gifted at 7 years of age when I would tell older people stuff and it's happened at that time I was called a prophet I ended up into the occult and now I guide people to the right career help people find there soul mates and purpose in life I use stones the tarot and numerology


I can help you get through bad break ups , help you with relationship problems and make you actually happy and smile to know everything is okay!!!

Personal number 3491