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I discovered my skill for reading relationships at a young age, I have never been wrong yet and I'd love to give you some advice or tell you what your future holds

Personal number 2878


Hello everybody, I've been practicing tarot for almost 4 years now. Drop me a line and we'll see what the cards have to say.

Personal number 7199


I am a native american woman that was born with certain gifts. I want to help you try and make aense of or guide any questions you may want answers to. Let me help guide you through the daekness

Personal number 7368


I have been doing Tarot readings for the past ten years. I feel that I am giving hope as well as help. I like being able to offer guidance through difficult or challenging times, or even just reassurance that that the client is doing the correct thing.

Personal number 4566


I'm a natural intuitive psychic medium from gypsy bloodline, practicing my abilities in spellcraft and divination over the last 25yrs. I'm an expert in real, useable advice, delivered in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way. We can talk about your fears and struggles and I can dig deep into your higher consciousness and ask your spirit guide for the right words and feelings to help you find true happiness. Is it time to stay or go? I can help you decide.

Personal number


I specialize in relationships and life goals. Finding where you need to grow your focus to find your true self.

Personal number 2352


Hello my name is Beckylee and I'm a spiritual guide. Everyone is assigned certain angels and I do my readings a little different than most, when I do a reading I call upon your specific angels and ask that may deliver you a personal message that will help guide you on the right direction. Each person message is unique and meant for only them.i have been practicing this form of readings for over 5 yrs now. If you need answers from the right guides contact me at anytime.

Personal number 2835


Listening to a multitude of issues and road blocks that people may face causes me to connect with their inner being and paint a picture of realization to help guide my clients to the visualization of their device destiny. I have spoke so many visions into existence that my clients appreciate the realness of the advice and support I give to guide them to the winning picture.

Personal number 7446