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Since I was a young woman, I have had prophetic dreams! I sense the celestial beings that surround us still here on earth. I want all my loves to know the best is meant for them! Come, talk with me while i listen to our passed loved ones express their undying love. I will relay their energy to you! For loves here on earth still, I have a special message to share with you about life, love and how to proceed! Lets search your star path and follow the destiny that is laid before your very feet


Have you ever just....known something? You don't know why, or how you know it, but somewhere deep inside, you just know it to be true. I've always had those feelings. Some call it women's intuition, some call it logical assumption-to the women in my family, we've always just referred to it as a gift. I can't promise you I will tell you what you want to hear. I can promise you that I will speak the truth as I know it. What you choose to do with it from there, is up to you.


My true Name means Hope, I Believe that beauty exist in every aspect of life and I am here to not only to provide clarity but to inspire you as well, I am spiritually awakened and have made many connections with people throughout my time on this earth. I am an empath so not only will I connect with you on a personal level I will use White light healing to provide you comfort in your relationships, Daily life, Work life or if you just want to delve deeper into Self.


Psychicgal has been developing her abilities for the past eighteen years through the practice of Reiki and other eastern practices. Her clients have known her to be surprisingly accurate. I recall one of the first readings she had ever done. It was put on her heart to tell this woman that even though she was wheelchair bound and told she would never walk, that she would and did in six months.


I have known I was Clairvoyant for a long time. I was able to predict all my major life milestones as well as people I know, births, weddings, new loves, and even grandparents deaths within weeks. It's a burden and gift, let me share my gift with you and bring something positive from this.


Hi my name is Gish and I've been a tarot card reader for over 15 years now. I became a reader to help those In need by expanding myself through the directions of my African divination cards to bring the best out of you with my expertise in relationships and spiritual guidance but most of all I also coach you up to be the version of yourselves. There's no right or wrong answers with me, just understanding and hope.


Your guides, angels, loved ones show me what they need me to see and I give you the message you're meant to have


My reading style is straightforward yet compassionate. We will all in your guides to receive relevant information that would assist you with any of life's occurrences. I can provide deep spiritual healing and coaching thru Tarot, Oracle, Reiki, and spiritual coaching.