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I have been working in the Psychic Industry for the past 23 years.I work free hand which means only using my gift and I can also bring in the Tarot and Playing cards to get more information for you.I am a very dedicated Psychic and always believe in my clients leaving my readings feeling very positive about their future and more in control.I always like to give very down to earth,compassionate and direct readings with no frills or fancy words

Personal number 3744


As a child and teenager 2 very important experiences showed me strength of my abilities. I have been doing readings for 20 years. I am clairvoyant clairaudeint clairsensient intuitive empathic give spiritual guidance and counselling, do numerology and dream interpretation. I am warm friendly and my readings are easy and comfortable. I give spiritual guidance on all aspects of life, so call, message, short or indepth or book a time which suits you, to get clarity in life and answers you seek.

Personal number 9702


Spiritual reader who works with guide to assist you in your relationships. I can tune into your relationship and see why you are not connecting. I can also look at someone you want to be close to and see if there is a reason they are not coming forward. Wondering when you're gonna meet your special someone? Let me help you find that out! Can't decide if you can trust him/her? Wondering how they really feel? Maybe its not time to move on just yet, give me a call! Personal Number 6499

Personal number 6499


Fourth generation reader and advisor helping and guiding Clients for over 20 years in love family and job No problem too big or too small do not be dismayed any longer contact me we will overcome this together

Personal number 0027


Hello, I'm MysticAnswers! Thank you for viewing my page! I am a 6th generation clairvoyant & empath. I've been practicing & reading others for over 12 years! I am here to offer you psychic guidance & advice. I approach my clients with kindness & honesty! I know you are needing some clarity, so I will do what I can to give you that clarity within a few answers! I offer psychic insight & advice by communicating with your divine guardian angels and spirit guides.

Personal number 6242


Hello everyone I do hope youre well. Welcome to my page. I first became aware I had a special gift when I was 15 things seemed different I could and still can pick up thoughts and feelings from the heavenly people above. I can give you guidance and reassurance I also use tarot angel cards to help guide you are you missing a loved one do they have a message for you?

Personal number 1214


It all started when I was a child. I would have dreams, repeatedly, about things that were going to happen to relatives or friends. I told my mum about the dreams and soon afterwards those things actually happened. My great grandmother, Erika, was psychic and she's my spirit guide and guardian angel. I link into voices, and first names. But I also use a pendulum. I'm honest and straightforward, so if you can't handle the truth then I'm not your psychic. I don't look into medical issues.

Personal number 5787


I'm Levi, an easy going listener with the wisdom to guide and advise when needed. Sometimes a fresh perspective with new energy focus can open up new paths available.

Personal number 9767