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I am Solar Piscean, Lunar Gemini and Rising Aquarius. Crystal child. Claircognizant. Empath and Intuitive. I work both with the Tarot and Oracle cards to get the most accurate answers. I specialise in love and relationships related readings. I can easily tell you what is going on with your love interest, whether it's a solid relationship or your Souls are separated. I can find out whether your person is your Soulmate/Twinflame or a Karmic Partner. Love and Blessings.

Personal number 8550


I have over 19 years of experience My Specialties are Tarot Cards Astrology and My Spirit Guides help me to get you on the right path of life ... All matters of Life will be answer threw one reading .. Love Money Career and Relationships

Personal number 0502


Blaine is a 3rd generation psychic medium. I began to pursue my gifts as a young child and they have blossomed ever since. I read tarot cards as well. I prefer that you come with a specific question to save you time & money. Blaine specializes in Mediumship, General, and career readings; as well as past lives. I can also use my Pendulum for clear yes and no answers. Give me a call today! **Not accepting In-Depth/Booked Readings, Please call when you see the green call me button only**

Personal number 7330


It all started when I was a child. I would have dreams, repeatedly, about things that were going to happen to relatives or friends. I told my mum about the dreams and soon afterwards those things actually happened. My great grandmother, Erika, was psychic and she's my spirit guide and guardian angel. I link into voices, and first names. But I also use a pendulum. I'm honest and straightforward, so if you can't handle the truth then I'm not your psychic. I don't look into medical issues.

Personal number 5787


I'm a natural born psychic I truly have psychic abilities with life long experience I am able to tell past present and future I specialize in love and relationships I'm an expert in reuniting lovers and soul mates I'm a master in spiritual guidance I have the answers you seek.

Personal number 7041


Hello, I am psychic Kali Love I am a Licensed Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Spiritual advisor. I have always been able to read energy, I am a four generation, clairvoyant, intuitive empath, and I have always possessed a clear sense of knowing. What you can expect when receiving a reading from me is that I am quickly able to connect with you and any situation pertaining to love & relationships, past lives & more! Book a private session with me today! Namaste

Personal number 9416


I'm an Intuitive/Empath, spiritual Counselor, w/ Psychic insights. I have been providing professional readings for over 20 years. I am Wiccan & certified in Parapsychology & Astrology. My sessions are accurate & caring. I use various methods, of Tarot, Crystal Grids, Numerology,& at times, my spirit guide. Often times, I will teach methods so that you can learn to use your own intuition. I am here to give you insight, so that you can make the choices that you feel are best for you.

Personal number 0664


I have over 15 years of experience providing Psychic readings. I use energy vibrations to connect with you. I can guide you in all matters of the heart, love, romance, relationships, and general life issues. I'm a nonjudgmental Advisor, always holding your best interests at heart. If your relationship is in a bad place or you're stuck in a rut, unable to find positive people, talk to me! Together, we'll explore the problem and find the right path so you can move forward.

Personal number 6621