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It all started when I was a child. I would have dreams, repeatedly, about things that were going to happen to relatives or friends. I told my mum about the dreams and soon afterwards those things actually happened. My great grandmother, Erika, was psychic and she's my spirit guide and guardian angel. I link into voices, and first names. But I also use a pendulum. I'm honest and straightforward, so if you can't handle the truth then I'm not your psychic. I don't look into medical issues.

Personal number 5787


Hi there I am Lady Mogwa, I have been doing Tarot readings for 23 years. I was taught the art of Tarot by a true Romany Gypsy who was a friend of my mum's. I am also a Certified Clairvoyant and Psychic and will be able to give you messages from loved one's who have passed on or messages from your Angels and Spirit Guide. I specialise in Love and Relationships.

Personal number 6263


From a very young age, I displayed tangible examples of focusing on not only what one sees around them, but what is hidden beyond. I specialise in guidance of emotional well-being and states of mind, presenting the energy I feel in a manner that is key to overcoming many of life's temporary hurdles. Holding a strong belief in helping those I talk to move forward from any aspect of their life, or simply further reassurance and guidance on what may take place next.

Personal number 7459


I was first aware of my gift from the age of 13 or 14 and have been constantly learning and developing then ever since. I can read the Tarot and connect to my spiritual guides for advice and answers. I also conduct crystal card readings. Please call me if you would like me to look into any area's for you. I specialize in Love & Relationship issues and general readings. Call me, and ask me any question I will give you the answers you need.

Personal number 6011


Hello Im Violet Im a experienced psychic/clairvoyant and relationship expert. I can give you guidance and direction in all aspects of life. I can give you a better insight on who your truly are and where your truly meant to be in life. I specialize in reuniting loved ones, relationships, career, business, anxiety, depression, and much more. thanks for looking at my profile And I hope to hear from you!

Personal number 0857


Hello my name is Mia I am a world-renowned Clairvoyant psychic I have experience of 25 years also helping many people around the world including celebrities help seeking guidance on love reunites lovers career all matters of life stop thinking about life's problems let me help guide you

Personal number 8166


I've been reading on and off for over 20 years. I discovered my psychic abilities in my early teens but didn't truly accept them until my late 20's. Since then, I have worked as a professional Tarot reader in the UK and the USA. I receive messages from Spirit Guides and Angels when the situation calls. I never judge, though I will tell it as it is with love, understanding and support. It's all basically free will, but its nice to be able to show options or possibilities.

Personal number 6587


Are you having love and relationship problems? You wondering whether the problem is you ? And you are sick and tired of being lonely and not having someone to talk to or get advice about love, relationships and life from...call me thee Goddess I am here to be that listening ear when no one is listening. I am here to help you heal genuinely, I am your psychic even when you just want to talk about things that make your heart feel heavy. I am here to help you offload.

Personal number 0364