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Hey, my name is Karolina and I have been aware of my psychic abilities from a very young age. Also I am very interested in astrology and in everything which bear on healing so I really love to talk to you.


I have many years of experience helping those close to me and clients who I have grown to know dearly. I give many readings each week and very much enjoy what I do. Some of the areas I have experience in are: Breakup and Divorce Numerology Dream Analysis Chinese Astrology & Horoscopes . Spiritual Readings Dating Advice Psychic Readings


Many people have told me that I have a sense of knowing what will happen. I wouldn't say that I can tell the future, rather I can sense if your decisions or actions will give you what you are wishing / hoping for. I also see myself as a life coach and advisor. Many of us these days change careers at least twice or more in their life time. I hope that I can guide you towards the path of fulfilment and happiness, achieving all of your dreams and so much more.


Natural ability to tap into the different realms and utilize the wavelinks and the tools thats provided to the earth.Sychronize with visions, intuitions, Esp and much more.


I was born gifted but have focused my gifts through the last 20 years by learning tarot, runes stone and other forms of divination. They help me to get a clear picture of what you need to know about yourself and your life. I specialize in relationships, family and employment.


With my psychic intuition I am able to give you the answers you need and the guidance to lead you to your destiny. I specialize in love, twin flame connections and stress therapy. I am a Clairaudient and Empath. I have over 10/yrs of experience. I perform all types of readings! Let me guide you to the truth. I am able to give you exactly the answers you need and the guidance to lead you to a better future. This is your time to end the confusion and start accepting the blessings you deserve!


I have been doing what I do my whole life even without knowing it. I have a good eye for the world, I think maybe everyone might, it just takes a while to find it. While you still figure out your own psychic abilities, I'm here to help


As a young girl I could see Auras around people. I would tell then I could see color. I didnt know what the colors meant at the time, but the more it happened the morr I realized I had a gift and needed to nourish that gift. I am succesful medium and psychic in America and often host small parties for all kinds of people. I specialize in reading symbols, spiritual connections, and being a messenger. look forward to meeting you and cant wait to assist.