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I've been a healer for 13 years and I would love to help you with anything that you need. I specialize in the areas of Tarot, Spirit guides, Clairvoyance as well as general love & relationship advice.

Personal number 4840


I was born with a double Ville I am a seventh generation psychic I start realizing my psychic abilities at the age of seven years old I connected with my psychic abilities to the furthest extent by the age of 19 years old and then realize that my passion in life is to help people around the world would love success family finances no matter what they may be going through no matter is too big or too small I have the psychic ability to help you contact me today for a better tomorrow

Personal number 8450


Hi I am sister Nancy I've been a psychic and spiritual advisor for 15 years I am the fifth generation clairvoyant medium And I'm here to help I specialize in love relationship past present and future i'm here to help with any problem in your life no problem too big no problem too small I can help with it all

Personal number 4612


I am a psychic and natural true empath devoted to helping others in understanding the dynamics and difficulties in the challenges in their everyday lives. I love to surround myself with animals and nature as they are such an amazing source of enlightenment to me in helping others.


I can guide you, give you advice and be here for you if you need someone to talk to. I'm here to help you improve your love life. Feel free to talk to me about anything you desire.

Personal number 7975


Hi my name is Fina and I have over 14 years of experience I am a third-generation natural born gifted psychic I specialize in love and romance and I help with all aspects of life there is no problem too big or too small that I cannot guide or help you with I am a non-judge mental reader and adviser I have been helping people through all around the world I also have my own Psychic boutique based out of Cleveland Ohio For going on 11 years one reading with me can change your life

Personal number 5579


I have had strong psychic abilities since i was a child, I can feel what others feel and often help others to manage those emotions effectively. I also specialize in tarot and numerology as well as astrology


I have always had empathy for people even when i didn't know them. I would see someone and I would understand and know what they are going through that is why my friends came to me every time they had a problem. I could know what they would need to do for their life to change. and that is when i knew I had the ability of helping people make improvements in their lives.