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Hello wonderful, unique, powerful beings... my name is Helena. My mother always encouraged my healing abilities and I have studied mathematics and sciences at university. At age 21, I spent 2 years in India learning shamanic medicine and spiritual techniques for healing. A couple of years ago I was able to treat a man who suffered from a head injury and 2 week coma due to an avalanche while snowboarding. He was in a coma for 2 weeks. It was very fulfilling to help get his joy back in life.

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Hello, I'm Tabitha here to help you on a clear understanding path with knowledge from the fourth dimension and to give you peace of mind with opening up any unknown hidden information that you need revealed I was born with a gift of knowledge and understanding the unknown I have years of expertise with kindness and respect call soon.

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When i was 16 years old i started read tarot cards.i started practicing for 4 years. Then i started reading them to people just for fun.then one day this lady came up to me and ask if i could read about her love and relationship. I gave it a try and everything i told was true. i did that for a few years now and i have decided to try healers and spirit guides.

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Hi I'm Sabrina and It's not just by chance that you have visited my page. I'm here to help you, calm the ocean and bring peace to your mind. I'm a deeply spiritual person with extensive empathic abilities. I specialise in Zodiac, Astrology, Tarot and Angel cards reading. I am a great listener and able to effectively guide you in all areas of your life including love, career and family. I hope to uplift your mind, spirit and soul allowing positive energy and happiness to come into your existence.

Personal number 3934


I am a certified psychic I've been a psychic since 65 years I've been helping people giving the advice and love marriage business health career not only I will give you the advice I would also give You the tools to help and learn more about yourself

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I have an loving spirit, always willing to help others with love advice an expert in relationships. I'm friendly and kind, I love listening to others carefully. Always here to listen and talk about anything!

Personal number 5938


I've seen a lot , I've been through a lot and nothing helps more than some advice. I will listen and give back helpful feedback to fix your mess or someone else! I believe everyone should experience genuine love, let me help...

Personal number 5192


I have had psychic abilities since the age of 12. I have the ability to see the future and pick up on positive and negative energies.If you have problems or doubts with someone in your life.Give me a call.

Personal number 1172